Christian Journey

by Sharonda Bass
(Corpus Christi, TX )

My Journey

Pressing forward with all my might
until the issues of my past fall out of sight
Moving ahead and taking my place
accompanied every day by God’s mercy and his grace
Laying aside all that attempts to weigh me down
while climbing the upward way and transcending to higher ground
Aiming toward the mark which contains my prize
and striving to live a life that pleases God until Heaven’s view fills my eyes
Aspiring to see my Savior face to face
and anxiously awaiting the day I move into my prepared place
Anticipating the day when the trumpet shall sound
and with the cares of this world I’ll be no longer bound

©Inspirations From Heaven

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A Poem about Paths

by Monica Young
(Belmont, NH, United StatesMatthew 7:13-14)

The Two Paths

There are two paths that one will take,
A path that will choose every person’s fate.
The first is a path that's narrow and thin,
And few there will be who will enter in.
The second is a path that's great and broad,
It will turn every heart away from God.

So friend be wise in the choice you make,
For soon your precious life God can take.
And when your days on this earth are o'er,
The path you choose will be forever.

(Based on Matthew 7:13-14, the Bible)

Note from

Thank you so much Monica.
Although I don’t share the view that physical death is the end, I love the sentiment of the poem – that we really need to stop and be aware of what path we are choosing. If we do believe in God or even know there is God then surely our whole lives must be about aligning our will with His.

Why would we want to do ‘our own’ thing once we are clear that we don't know what we are doing!

Why would we wish to deprive ourselves of pressing into that Love?

We don’t know what choices we will have after death. But we definitely have choices now about either setting aside time for God or getting caught up in the world. What is our spiritual practice? Are we doing it?

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