spiritual causes of difficulties

by seeking bliss
(newark, nj)

Hello All,

A few years ago i struggled with many problems in life, from physical ailments to emotional and mental instability. So much so that i tried many ways to find and adopt different ways to reduce what i was going through. i saw many doctors, tried exercise, counselling etc.

For a few years no one knew what i was going through. I would find relief for a few months and then my life started to change back again.

i became more and more curious to take a deeper look at my life and everything around me, everyone and nature. i even started to feel as though i really did not want to be here anymore. But i did not let that be my final answer.

As i researched over the internet i read many stories about others facing difficulties, prayers seems to be very helpful to most people so i decided to start praying more often. Yes i did find some relief but it wasn’t lasting enough, so i searched deeper until one day i came across an article on the Spiritual Science Research Foundation website.

I read about the root causes of difficulties in life, destiny, sickness and spiritual remedies, angels etc. With gratitude to god and his guidance i was able to overcome many obstacles in life. If there are others who are interested you can go to


good luck.

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