God Love – A Prayer to know
God’s Love, Joy and Peace

This page is dedicated to God Love.

Rumi Quote About Love

“Be certain that in the religion of Love
there are no believers and unbelievers.
LOVE embraces all.”

What could be more important than to know God's love?
Do we not seek the love that surpasses knowledge?
And when we find it are we not blessed and more of a blessing to others.


Be Loved, Beloved

Be Loved, Beloved
15 Spiritual Love Poems -
God Love, Self Love

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Both articles on God's Love are supplied by wonderful visitors to a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com.

The first is an honest, heartfelt letter to God about receiving God's love.

The second is the beautiful Prayer To The Master.

Love Letter to God: Receiving God Love

A Prayer of Thanks For God's Love

Dear God,
I was so delighted and moved when you
said you loved me last night. Even though
you have said it often to me I feel a richness
now which has somehow set me free to
open my very soul to you.

I have many faults I know.
But I am more willing now, because your
love invites me to be inviting
instead of reserved.
Therefore I choose to enquire instead of turn away.
To give more, to open my heart rather than close my shield wall.

Instead of feeling messed up by my close
encounters of the soul... I choose to see it as
coming through a mess...even to clear it all
up...especially if it's `my mess`.

It has been Hell to find Heaven for me.
I have found beauty.
I am now made to lie in green pastures
by still waters.

I suppose I was the bravest, most courageous, `scared` warrior on the shield wall.
I walk out of that now.

I embrace totally your simply stated, yet universe- filled trust in me.

God, I love you.

Submitted by English Landscape Artist, Stevie Gilmore, www.steviegilmore.com

Prayer to The Master

This is such a powerful prayer to know God love . I will let Robert speak. The emphasis is my own.

"This beautiful prayer is taken from a very old issue of ‘The Aquarian Age’ dated May/June 1924. I came across it whilst going through some of my old papers.

This prayer centred around God love is given as an unfailing means of finding the Master in the heart.

The powerful prayer should be meditated upon phrase by phrase with deepening realization, until the full beauty and truth of the final words becomes a matter of direct spiritual experience."

Robert Gresak

God Love – A Prayer To Rest In Presence And Know
God's Love, Joy And Peace

‘O gracious Lord, I enter thy radiance and approach thy presence bearing with me the service done in thy name and for thee.
I seek to become a more efficient server and I open my heart and mind to the power of thy love, thy joy, and thy peace.

In thy presence, thy love floods my being. Love which is gentleness, kindness, helpfulness. I choose therefore to be gentle, loving, kind and helpful to all men.

In thy presence thy joy pervades me, joy which is light, radiance and eternal youth. I choose therefore to bear thy joy to those who are sad and depressed.

In thy presence thy peace enfolds me and fills me with contentment, certainty, rest, stillness. Thy peace which passeth understanding. I choose therefore to be a center of love, joy and peace in the world.

I place my hand in thine with all love, trust and confidence for thou are indeed my Lord.

From the unreal lead me to the real, from darkness to light, from death to life eternal.

At thy feet and in the light of thy holy presence I strive to realize what I am.
I am not this body which belongs to the world of shadows;
I am not the desires which affect it;
I am not the thoughts which fill my mind;
I am not the mind itself.
I am the divine flame within my heart, eternal, immortal, ancient, without beginning, without end.

More radiant than the sun in all His noonday glory, purer that the snow, untouched, unsullied by the hand of matter;
more subtle that the ether is the spirit within my heart.
I and the Father are one.

I adore thee, thou
my life,
my breath,
my being,
my all.

I am in thee and thou are in me.

Lead me gracious Lord through illimitable love to union with thee and the heart of eternal love.


Thank you Robert. This is such a beautiful and powerful prayer to come to know and rest in God’s love, joy and peace.

To all the visitors to a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com, please know that God loves you and sees your beauty. His Love is always present.

With Love, in Love, to Love,
Katherine T Owen,

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