Does God Care About Me?

The following is my own view on the subject of Does God care about me?

What we sometimes refer to as "Father God" is eternal, unchanging Love.

God does not understand our problems because ultimately they are nothing.
God, Love continues regardless.

In some sense then, I am saying that God does not care about me or you or about our individual problems.

This may not sound like a comforting belief. But in my own experience it is a joyous belief which has led me into a more intimate experience of God's Love.

Try asking God 'How are you?'

When I am feeling troubled and I remember to stop and ask God, ‘How are you?’ I am filled with joy.
God is Joy and God is joyful.

For a moment this connection with Joy may even take me out of my chattering, distressed mind...

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... I am happy that God is untouched by my suffering, by any mistake I make, or by any mistake another person makes in their behaviour towards me.

I am reminded that my problem is not as big as it feels.
My problem cannot diminish God’s joy, and God’s joy continues to be available to me.

This undiminished Joy and Love is the rock on which I build my house.

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Asking “Does God care about me?” is the wrong question

Perhaps asking, “Does God care about my suffering?” is the wrong question.

We have a human need to be understood, and we confuse this with the need to be loved. It can be useful to separate the two.

Would you give up a God who understands your pain in exchange for a God in whose love there is no pain?

This is the God we have.

"Does God love me?"
That is a question to which I can answer a heartfelt YES!

Does God care about me?

A God beyond suffering

In the Christian faith, there is the person of Jesus who lived as a human being and understands human suffering.

But I believe Jesus is now beyond suffering.
From a place of understanding, he holds a place for us to reach out our hand to him so he can lift us into the peace that passes understanding– the peace of a God whose knowing of Love is so vast and so complete that our problems cannot trouble him/her.

Poems on the subject of Does God Care?

Two poets who have visited take differing views on the subject of "Does God Care?". Please find their poems below.

The first poet leads us through his poem into the vastness of God and the subsequent smallness of his own problem.

The second poet seeks a God who is intimately involved in his problems to the point where God cries for him.

Please note that the second poet has different beliefs to those I express above.
And yet, he cries out to God and receives an experience of God's love.

I have relatively little interest in someone's spiritual beliefs, and far more interest in whether those beliefs allow the person to receive God's love. The poet's spirituality serves him well!

I hope you enjoy these two very different perspectives.


Submitted Sun Apr 02 17:23:34 2017 EDT
By: Davey,
Mulino, USA

What is a god to man?
The Hurricane.
Her will extends across the ocean, her force is unchallenged.
No man can appease her,
She enslaves the wind, she bends the waves to her will,
She takes from us what she wishes, we are helpless to her.

What is a god to the hurricane?
The Earth.
The Earth’s mass is great, he holds the moon in his grasp.
The Hurricane is but a breeze to him.
The wind and the waves, they hold no power.
The Hurricane lives unnoticed, hopeless to alter the earth’s turning.

What is a god to the Earth?
The Sun.
Her flame consumes and gives life, she holds titans in her palm.
What is the earth to her?
The planets adorn her like jewelry, they are her collection.
She dictates their paths, hurling them through space at her discretion.

What is a god to the Sun?
The Galaxy.
What can contain his form? His tendrils lazily sprawled across the world.
The sun’s solar status is nothing,
She is pathetic to him, but a cell of his vast body.
The great creature floats unopposed, too vast for affliction.

What is a god to this beast?
The Universe.
Oh the depths of her complexity. Oh the precision of her moving parts.
She is a god machine.
From an atom to the galaxy, from the transfer of electrons to the collision of galaxies,
Oh the power of but one of her black holes, oh the glory of her vast empty space.

What is a god to this machine?
He charted her depths before breathing them forth, he set her parts in motion.
She is a slave.
He is effortlessly mindful of all she is, from electrons to galaxies.
Oh the insignificance of her forces, oh how small she is to him.

In this world,
The universe is minute,
A galaxy microscopic.
A star is subatomic and
A planet too small to measure.
A hurricane holds power too small to notice.

So who am I,
that God would even be mindful of me?
Let alone know my name.

-A very small Man

tags: poem about god and the universe, spirituality, perspective, vastness of God

God's Shining Tears of Concern

from Submitted Sat May 14 07:08:48 2016 EDT
By: Kevin Mast,
Logansport, IN

Lord, bend your ear to my cry.
Stretched to the limit, I sigh.
A deep longing in my depths to be free.
Please, please have mercy on me.

A compassionate God you are is your claim.
Is that true or an idealism that is lame?
Though at times, I think you don't care.
Your body on the cross is your love to me you wanted to share.

God, do you know what would make my day.
To see you weep over my affair and say I am here to stay.
I see it now, in my crisis, you are concerned about me.
I now feel it deep in my heart to be.

Since you care, my faith is blazing.
This love above is amazing.
As our spirits embrace,
I can run with gusto this life's race.

It actually doesn't matter if the obstacle is there or gone.
I am three-fourth's along.
My attitude is beaming with trust.
My God in this trial is the judge that is just.

Those shining tears of compassion are all I need.
Faith, Hope, and Love are growing in my heart, produced by His weeping seed.
My entire life now is to please my Heavenly Father above.
Through Him, when trials come I will have peace like a dove.

tags: Christian poetry, run the race, help me god, trust in god, spirituality

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