Poems about silence and peace

by Chris Roe


Beyond the storm,
Where blue sky
Still cradles
The morning sun.

In the clearing,
Where shafts of light
Hold back the shadows
Of the ancient wood.

Beyond conflict and pain
And the inhumanity of man.
Beyond duty
And this journey
That has seemed so long.

Beyond the history
That has brought me
To this sacred place,
This spiritual sanctuary.

This peace,
This silence,
This love.

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Peace That Passes Understanding,
A Poem

(Townsend, MA, USA)


All my life, my soul will glide
as my precious Lord is at my side

Sliding, carefree, gliding, will we?
Free of all anxiety.

Not that worries don't exist
THEY DO! which makes this peace
so easy to miss.

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Short and sweet!

Thank you. I feel the peace that passes understanding in your short sweet poem.

I also love the acknowledgement that on this human level we sometimes forget to stop and access it.

Let our times of forgetting get shorter and shorter :-)

Dear Jesus, you tell me that you give me your peace.
I invite you to bring peace to my mind.

Katherine T Owen,
Spiritual Poet and Writer

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God Inspirational Poem

by Gabrielle Bowen


The cycle of pain has now ended
It is what was intended
No more pain
No more stealing of energy
To gain
Forgiveness only
No more assault
No more left to be
A peaceful plane of existence left
It was always there
Peace, love, harmony
Connection to God
We constantly
If pain resurfaces
Breathe IN
Breathe OUT
Shout now
Only For joy
Feel only peace
Become free
Filled only with love
A Sense of Rejuvenation
Freedom to be the true you
Freedom To ultimately
Be Me
At last
Now letting go
Of the past
Moving into the now
This is the moment that counts
The present moment
Of existence
Filled with assistance
From on high
Lessons relearned now
Be still
Then Fill
With light
Create now with all your conscious might
No more fights
Lesson remembered now
Only do what's right
Strip the negativity bare
Cover now
Only with light
Divine being

© Gabrielle Bowen

Gabrielle Bowen is a Canadian author/poet. As president of Soul to Soul Publications, she is dedicated to providing literary works that uplift, inspire and encourage globally. Gabrielle is the author of the forthcoming books entitled Insight, Soul Intuition, and Soul Evolution.

Note from webmaster of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com, Katherine T Owen

Dear Gabrielle,
Many thanks for your inspiring poem.
I love the lines:

"Breathe IN
Breathe OUT
Shout now"

I am breathing,
I am releasing,
I am shouting for joy now!!

With the Love we are,

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