by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

Recently I read in a magazine of a lady who handed over a donation to a car guard at a shopping mall and the guard responded with a 'God bless you'. This lady in turn responded with a hearty and resounding 'Amen'.

She had obviously been touched by the power of the Amen.

While it is word people around the world are very familiar with, most are not really aware I would say, of its power and significance. We often say Amen without giving it much thought, saying it automatically after a prayer and I venture to say that very many ministers, priests and Rabbi's also just say it automatically without being aware of its power.

This little word is however so powerful it can literally bring about miracles before ones eyes.

The Jewish Talmud states that it is as powerful as the actual uttered prayer because it affirms Almighty God's ultimate power and a belief in God's omnipotence directly from one's soul.

The word Amen creates a connection to the Almighty based on pure faith, love and devotion. Now this word has the numerical number or Gematria of 91 which in turn adds up to 10 or the number 1, the first of all numbers. The Hebrew word 'Malach', meaning angel, has the same numerical value so every single time we say Amen we are creating an angel.
A wonderful thought indeed.
This angel has the power to eradicate all negativity, all destructiveness that has been made or brought about by ourselves, our friends, our families.

There are many people who can testify to this power of the Amen when uttered with power, faith and love.
Terminally ill people have fully recovered.
Women who have been told by specialists that they cannot have children and who have subsequently been praying and Amen-ing powerfully with their husbands, suddenly conceive.
Many others scheduled for very serious operations and who pray and Amen with power and faith suddenly have their particular medical condition disappear and the specialists and doctors are totally dumbfounded.

So the power of the Amen is not some hocus pocus, but equally it is not a magical cure either.

The power of Amen is truly a question of deep faith. The connection we create with the Almighty in that one powerfully enunciated word and thereby acknowledging HIM/HER, is mind boggling.

From that one word can stem so much future growth.

People are searching for a divine connection, for strength, hope, healing, the resolving of some distressing issue, and when they find it in such a inspirational way the doors to their spiritual potential open, and the sky's the limit.

My wife and I are constant Amen enunciators and always there is the sense of a positive energy unleashed. Granted that what one prays for does not manifest every time, however,
if it is meant it will come at the right time, we just have to do our part, and not only for ourselves and our families, but for others, our communities and the world.

No one knows how or when the word Amen evolved, it has been so much a part of religious faith for many centuries. Suffice it to say that it is a holy and powerful word and when strongly uttered and with faith it can truly open the gates of Heaven.

Note from Katherine T Owen:

Thank you Robert.
Amen to that!

I had an insight in 2006 on the power of Amen.
Centuries ago the signet ring was used to give a letter the authority of the sender.
I understood that Amen is a way to exercise our own God-given authority to stamp a seal on the words previously said.
Later that day, I opend the Bible randomly and found a scripture on signet rings.
Here’s the poem I wrote…Thank you for making me look it up!

8 June 2006


Do not forget the power of
Amen –

The ring pushed into
the wet wax:
the king reclaims his kingdom
once again.

Amen, I say to you,

It’s OK to claim your kingship.

“ ‘On that day,’ declares the LORD Almighty, ‘I will take you, my servant Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will make you like my signet ring, for I have chosen you,’ declares the LORD Almighty.” (Haggai 2:23, NIV)


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Mar 18, 2015
spiritual inspiration
by: Norma

You are so right Robert. We all have episodes of Spiritual Limbo. It never gets any easier.

Fortunately we have our poetry, which for me is a personal letter from God. My Poem 'A Child of Grace' is one encourager, 'A Godchild Battle' is another, there are so many.
Thankfully I also made a copy of one of your poems,
'Infinity of The Spirit - Set me free'
They know me not who think that I am only flesh and blood, a transient dweller on the fragile spaceship earth, that gave me birth.'(I have it in full.)
I had a glimpse beyond the veil through that poem. I know that like me, your writings are the result of a personal experience with the divine.

Our beloved Katherine and all those who have these personal letters from God are strengthened and able to survive these Limbo periods. I know you're right when you say that
these periods are for our growth.

Thank-you for your encouragement, it means a lot.

Note from Katherine T Owen, author

Your comments make me realise that I don't have spiritual limbos any more, not since 2008.

When I experienced dramatic recovery from ME (improvement)in 2008, I was almost worried amidst the joy.

The spiritual connection had been so precious, so present, and I wondered if I might not access it so readily when I had happiness in the world to satisfy me. I had been forced to spend time in silence and stillness and now I was not.

Happily that has not been the case.

God is.

God is in the eternal present moment.

I wish I rested in that moment more often, but when I do, each time I do, GOD IS!

During the 14 years bedbound I received over 6000 poems. God would not shut up!

Now I seldom write a poem. That is fine with me. I have no particular wish to write in my own strength.
It will take my lifetime to put into books those I have already.

I am not attached to the form in which God guides me. Poems, writing... I like to think that if God asked me to do NOTHING I would do it, although I would find that a tall order. Or maybe that is what I spent a long time doing!

I like what you say Robert about knowing the springs of spiritual inspiration are always there. Knowing that allows us to relax, to stop striving for the experience, and when we stop striving, God.... God just is.... and the limbo is replaced with once again knowing our spiritual connection.

Thank you both for reminding me to rest in God more often. How blessed we are to experience spiritual inspiration.

With the Love we are,

Mar 18, 2015
Spiritual inspiration
by: Robert

Hello Norma, thank you for your kind words.

I have been in a sort of spiritual limbo for a while, also a testing on its own in so many ways chief of which has been "the drying up of the springs of inspiration", or so it seems.

Of course the springs are always there, its just that the soul deems it necessary to withdraw for a while and one feels really bereft. It happens many times on the spiritual path and is naturally a part of ones inner growth.

From what you wrote it seems that people are being drawn to you for spiritual help so don't feel confused. Accept it in faith, ask for guidance, and whatever is necessary for a particular individual will be given through you.

With blessings,

Mar 16, 2015
Loss of Faith in others
by: Norma

Thank-you Katherine, I really love the wisdom in your reply. It's helped me a lot.

I never thought to look at why it affected me when I met others who had lost their faith.

Sadness I think.
Also, a loss of any real connection.

It does happen occasionally. This recent time it was a bout of people one after another, which was not usual, hence the confusion.

It's passed and I realize more than ever, how blessed I am by the amount of people who know me very well, and the genuine love I have in my life.

Thank-you for your encouragement. Always praying for your health to continue to improve and His presence to strengthen you on the low days.

Note from Katherine T Owen, webmaster

Dear Norma,
So glad it has passed.
And you passed (the test)!

I so appreciate your prayers for my health and to touch His presence.
We are blessed indeed.


Mar 11, 2015
Agreement on Amen
by: Norma

Hi Robert & Katherine,
It was lovely to read this post, it seems a long time since we heard from Robert:) Always wishing you both the best of health.
I loved this post because I totally agree that Amen is a powerful word. It has no benefit to the speaker in its simplicity, other than conveying an agreement. My understanding is that if you've heard something that you agree with Amen was all it needed to confirm it. I had no idea that it could create an Angel, I love that idea.

Lately, I've been going through some kind of test, everywhere I've been I seem to be meeting people who have lost their faith, it was strange the first time but as more of them arrived it became confusing. I did eventually come to realize that it was only another test.

Faith is such a personal thing and I couldn't understand how anyone who had once believed, now claimed to not believe in God. I literally felt like a child. As I say, faith is such a personal thing, the knowledge that excluding God, not putting Him first is detrimental to every aspect of life.

Well, reading this post today has helped in making me feel not quite so alone. We all have to deal with episodes/tests in our lives, by ourselves, (it wouldn't be a test otherwise)

Thank you Katherine for your continued dedication to this site, God Bless you.
Lovely to hear from you Robert.

Comment from Katherine T Owen

Dear Norma,
Lovely to hear from you
I always love your honest communication of the spiritual journey.
We can only keep handing it over to God, can’t we?
My experience of people being thrown by someone else’s lack of faith is that they often feel upset by one of the following:
• the person is dismissive of your faith or rude about it so you feel attacked
• you feel sad that the person doesn't know the joy you know – you want to share it with them. You want everyone to know.
• you feel sad that you lack something significant in common with someone who you consider a friend or a loved one. Perhaps you even feel lonely. Your spirituality is such a part of who you are, so if they don’t know this about you, you feel they don’t know you
• You feel confused. How can someone deny spiritual reality when it is so obviously the truth?
Is it only the last that applies to you?
In what way does it feel like a test when you meet someone who has lost their faith?
It doesn't sound like you are experiencing a loss of faith of your own.

Do you know that my book It's OK to Believe is my journey with feeling comfortable with being a person of faith? The inspirations were prompted by my own questions and doubts and also by my interactions with those who had lost their faith or never knew themselves as someone of faith.

Whatever the test is, I see you ‘coming forth as gold’ (Book of Job) :-). I know you will.

With the Love we are,

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