Energy Healing and Christianity

by kara
(Melbourne, AUS)

Mixing Qigong energy healing and Jesus?

This is more a question than a comment, I trust this is ok!?

How do you reconcile the fundamentally different spiritualities say between Qigong (I need to research this first, but know it's 'energy healing') and Jesus?

I think we can learn something from other spiritualities for sure. However, how do you reconcile some quite deep differences at the source- ie. you can heal yourself vs Jesus is the ultimate healer etc?
Thanks!! Look forward to your thoughts :)

Note from

Dear Kara,
Thank you for your question. I am sure it is one asked by many Christians who visit this site.

The page I think you are referring to is Qigong Energy Healing which answers your question in part with something like the following:

“There are Christians who are wary of Eastern philosophies and practices.
I join with Jesus in the Bible in saying that if a practice results in healing, then it is clearly from God, since otherwise the devil’s kingdom would be divided.”
(There is a link on the page to the Bible quote in which Jesus says this.)

I like the way you phrase the question:
“You can heal yourself vs Jesus is the ultimate healer.”

I think that much energy healing is the equivalent of seeing the Doctor.
We take up practices that allow our body to function better.

True healing for me is not about the body. Many people experience profound spiritual healing in a time of illness and show the most incredible faith, but do not see healing manifested in their body.

Sometimes, and we do not know why, the spiritual healing does result in physical healing.

My experience is that I raised my spiritual connection for many years and I actually became more ill, though on some deep level I was happier through knowing my closeness to God. These experiences have left me with a profound sense that God is the reality and nothing else is; that there is a source of Joy and Love that I can access regardless of my circumstances.

However, it was claiming scriptures for healing that allowed things to shift for me on the physical level.
After I started quoting these scriptures, I came across The Lightning Process. Whilst that is not a spiritual practice I felt it was very much an answer to prayer for me. It didn’t actually exist before I started claiming healing!

I do feel strongly that my healing is from God. I feel all good things are from God, and it certainly feels good to be walking and talking again. I give gratitude for it every day. :-)

So why am I comfortable to use the words ‘self healing’ on my site:

It is self healing in the fact that we align our minds with God’s love and healing and with thoughts of possibility. Scriptures for healing can be a powerful way to do that.

It is self healing in that we feed our body the right food, take treatments from the Doctor or do energy healing if that feels right to us.

It is self healing in that it is we who find the humility to say:
“God (or Jesus) please heal me.” Or even, as I like to say:
“God I allow you to heal me.”

It is God healing in that we only prepare the ground to be good earth. The seed of healing is planted by God. I believe it is already there.

We prepare the river channel. God provides the water.

Dear Kara, if you are considering using energy healing, please pray whether it is right for you.

For me, there is no conflict with my Christianity or spiritual beliefs.

Nothing separates me from God.
I invite God to make my decisions. However, imperfectly I listen, that is my intention!

If there is a conflict for you, then do what you feel God guides you to do. I have 2 friends who were healed solely through allowing Jesus to heal them. And they were healed faster than me!

God bless you on your beautiful journey,

This article on
Christianity and hypnotherapy – are they compatible? might also be of interest.

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