God in all things poems

by Chelci Biggs
(Silsbee tx united states)

Katherine T Owen: These spiritual motivational poems are by the same poet and share the theme of bringing God into all things.

- Love for a drug addict Poem

Love and prayer for a loved one who is a drug addict.

- Girl who smiles

Recognising by someone’s happiness and freedom to be different that they too know God’s love.

- Poem Amazing Grace.

Calling on the well practised words of the hymn Amazing Grace as a prayer to rescue a beloved horse.

Over to Chelci Biggs to share his motivational stories

Dusty halo

A girl grew up a few houses down
From my house, in a small town.

She was an angel, very sweet.
After homework, we would meet.

Her life is different, since then until now.
I pray every day, to help her somehow.

I seen her at her daddy's funeral,
on her arms, she had many bruises.

I spoke to her as we left the grave
And this is what I had to say.

“Please let me help you out.
This isn't you and what you’re about.”
She looked at me, and said sadly
“I am nothing but a junkie.”

I knelt down, and gently touched her face.
“Let God and myself help you change.

“Every night I pray, you would come back to me.
After all you are who I want to marry.

“Let God take the wheel, so your body can heal–
Drive you off the bumpy road, you have chose.
To me you’re the angel I've always known.
You got lost. You were alone.

“Like my mama said, when I was a kid,
You’re the same person, who has been living in sin.
Ask god for forgiveness and to cleanse your soul.
He will dust off your dusty halo.”

Girl who smiles

I've always known how different I was.

It was ok with me, but others not so much.

This girl from school who was kind of like me,

She was always smiling happily.

I asked one day at lunch, why she smiled so much.

She answered back right after we ate.

"Because God made me this way."

A man’s special horse

Back before I was born,
It was my dad–
Just him and his horse.

Every Sunday morning,
He would sing
Amazing grace
Under an oak tree.

His horse would stand near by
And stare back into his eyes.
Mom said it was touching to witness
The bond they shared –
you wouldn't want to miss it.

On a cool, beautiful evening
He saddled up, off to leave.
Went far beyond the sky you could see
Into the dangerous place where you shouldn't be.
All of a sudden, a noise. A bear attacked,
Almost killed my dad.
All he remembered seeing
was his horse in between them.
She somehow scared the bear away
She was hurt too, so dad began to pray.

He asked God not to take her away from here.
“She saved my life, I know you’re aware.
I'll stop drinking, I promise you lord.
I'll do anything. Please
don't take my horse.

“Amazing grace how sweet the sound.
Hold on to my voice, I'll get us both out.
I once was lost but now I'm found.
I'm nobody just a dirty cowboy.
My horse, on the other hand, is special to me
If she wasn’t brave
I’d be dead in a grave.
Please save a wretch like me.

“She is my hero, my best friend
I will take care of her till the end.
Thank you lord in Jesus’ name
You let my horse, Amazing Grace, stay.

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