God the Father Poems

The following are poems about God the Father submitted to this website.

The poems relate to God as Father and speak of the love, compassion and strength we find when we allow God to be our parent.


Father of Light

by Jason Kirk Bartley
(Chillicothe, Ohio)

Father of light,
so perfect are thee.
I cannot hide.
Lord, be with me.

Father of light,
you love me so.
hold my hand,
never let go.

Father of light,
Your promises ring true.
This promise I make,
to be with you.

Father of light,
how you know all.
I'll be that Holy sacrifice,
fulfill your call.

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com
Dear Jason, Thank you for a simple beautiful poem prayer of commitment and surrender.
A wonderful start to my day. Thank you.
God bless you and all who read this.

Tags: father, prayer poem, spiritual, commitment

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ACIM poem to the Father

by Frank Cavano
(Bluffton, S.C. 29909)

Dare I Remember You?

Dare I remember You?
A distant instant past
Re-kindles in my lonely mind-
Oh, endless, endless times-
Each brother’s fallen face.
And these cold and fearful eyes
Close tightly
Lest I find amid the fall
A call
Too sweet to seek
And hold and have.
And Be.
A wordless Word
So near the Source
That iced men melt
Within its breath.
A lipless kiss
From a Lover’s Heart
To soothe the holy “separated”.

Dare I remember him?
This brother in the dark dream
Who counts his days in pain
And cries
“This pain is mine”.
And hides his heart
And tears
In fears and secret plans
Daring not to raise his eyes
Lest he see my fallen face
Looking back at him
Reflecting in the dark
The solitary darkness
Of Love’s Light lost.

Dare we remember You?
Forgetting time we had
And times we had
And leaving unfound fears
In places never made
Agreeing there is no space
That can’t be shared
And no time
To toy with trifling
Differences dreamed of
In an instant’s
Sleep-crazed reverie.

Dare we remember You?
The steady Song
That plays, plays still
In that quiet place
The world has never touched.
That place of inspiration
Where all that is
Apart from time and space
And wishes that
The Song would go away.

Dare we set aside
The years that never were
And differences dreamed
In lusting after
Different songs
Never played
Never sung
By He Who
Sang us into Being
And gain again
The never lost
In joining
Voice and thought
Soul and song
In one grand
In which
Is His
Is His
“And Yours
And Mine

Dare I cease to dream
And open eyes
By my own insistent self-ishness
To see in your
Lovely face
My own reflection
------ And His?
Dare I take your hand
In mine
And watch
Your Love for me
Reflect His Own
To eyes
Which now can see
What first I feared
To look upon?

Dare I remember, Father?
Dare I remember what
I chose so firmly
To forget so long ago?
Dare I remember?
Dare I remember?
No, not I.
My brother-
You and I
Can recall
What alone
We must forget.
For together
The vision draws near
And together
The Song is heard
And together
We dare
To Be
What God
Would have us Be.
And in that
Love remembers

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com
Dear Frank, thank you for this stunning ACIM poem. It captures beautifully how we actively seek for love and yet in moments of insight understand that we have been resisting God’s love all along.

Katherine T Owen,
Spiritual Poet and Writer

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Tags: spirituality, ACIM poem, father god, remember, the world is a dream, wake, love

Father's Day Poem

Through My Father's Eyes...In Memory of Fatherhood on Father's Day

by Penny Gordon
(Sechelt, B.C. Canada)

...Daddy, Daddy...Are You There? ...

can you chase the shadow from under the chair...
can you fix my toy wagon...it's broken a bit...
can you fix my temper...I've taken a fit...

can you help me with Maths...which I hate...
can you buy me a bike? ...or tie up my skate? ...

can we go fishing this summer? ...or play ball? ...
can you drive me to music lesson...or take my first call?

can I borrow the car...for my very first date?...
can I help with the lawn...or in spite of mistakes...
can I fix the plumbing, or clean out the garage...

...Life is for Real...it's no 'mirage'...

so, on this Father's Day, Dad...I think of you lot's...
of your giving, and humour, and patience...you've got!

of your kind earthy wisdom, your welcoming knee...
...Dad, you're so real...I see me...
Through Your Eyes...A Reflection...
...reminding me of a Heavenly Father so dear...who's just like you...so I have no fear...

...Daddy, Daddy, ...Are You There? ...

..."Yes, My Child...I Will Always Care"...

Tags: Fathers day, poem, spiritual

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