I Believe God Wants Me Well, But I Havent Seen It Yet

by Jo - LIVING with CFS/ME
(London, England)

I am 23, have had CFS/ME for 8 years.

I totally believe God wants everybody well but I haven't seen it yet in my life. I've recently had a really bad relapse and have been in bed for 6 months but I was so uplifted by your story and it was so wonderful to read that you too believe in healing. Have you read Christ the Healer by F. F. Bosworth? It is really beautiful

I want to thank you SO much for your website. I found it at just the 'right' time and I know God led me to it! I can't thank you enough for taking the time to create this website!

Thank you Katherine

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Hello Beautiful Jo
by: Katherine T Owen

Dear Jo, I don't have FF Bosworth's book Christ The Healer, though I think I might have read it at some point. I am glad you recommended it here as I am sure someone will love it.

I did read Christ, your healer by Morris Cerullo.

The book on Christian healing I recommend on the site is Healing The Sick by T J Osborne which had a big influence in allowing me to open to the belief that God wanted me well.

I don't believe physical health is the most important thing. When we look only for this we are saying that peace will come only in the future, along with our health.
Since God's peace is eternal, God's peace must be available to us now. The peace of God is far more important than anything to do with our physical bodies.

I DO BELIEVE though very strongly that we can ASK GOD for healing, and that if this is what we want, we SHOULD ask God for healing.

God needs our minds to be aligned with His/Her will in order to work in our lives.

Our request is part of this alignment.

And if we don't feel worthy to ask then this unworthiness can mean we are accidentally asking for something else.

As we ask for healing, we are led to healing on many levels. Physical healing can be a part of this. But for the time when health doesn't seem to be manifesting, it DOES NOT MEAN you are not healed. And in particular, it does not mean you are less healed than another who has physical health.

Jo, you are healed. Full stop. :-)

I am so convinced that God wants us healed, that I do not now ask for healing. Instead I say:

Dear God, I allow you to heal me.

We say this and then rest in God.

We have asked. It is done.

If we need guidance to do something, it is given to us.

If we need guidance to do nothing, it is given to us.

We are holding the vision of what we see as aligned with God's vision for us.

God is working in us.

How can we fail when we are not relying on our own strength?
We rely on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to work in us. Love does not fail.
It is done.

Thank you God. Amen.

God Blesses you Jo. In sickness or in health, your light is shining.

Your words are full of HEALTH.

You are HEALED.

You are fighting the good fight, Jo.
Thank you.

With the Love we are,

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