Is God Religious? - Religion Vs Spirituality

by Sandra Wylie
(Scotland, UK)

Is God religious? You may think that an odd question. Maybe you have never thought about it. You may have inadvertently connected God with religion. Religion to my mind is an operation of rules and regulations that you may think you have to obey, however in doing you would only be fitting into someone else's idea of what a Christian is.

Rules and regulations in themselves will in fact do nothing for you. Religion will weigh you down with rules that in no way can save you or make you happy. Christianity is more than rules and regulations it is a way of life. There are many religions, but only one Christianity. Also there is only one way you can be saved and that is by Jesus Christ who died for you. He makes you free to serve him, without added burdens. Ephesians 2: 8-9 says: "By grace you have been saved through faith and not of yourselves so no man can boast."

Religion divides people, spirituality draws people together. You will have noticed where religion is there is conflict. Religion puts heavy burdens on people who are not able to carry them. Whereas Jesus says:" Come to me all of you who labour and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:20. Religion will put you in a straight jacket -if you let it. Jesus came to set the captives free. Isaiah 61:1

Jesus did not bring us religion, but salvation and freedom in the Holy Ghost. Remember it was religious people who crucified Christ.
Jesus was born into the Jewish faith. He followed its customs and rituals; yet he hated the religious acts of the leaders of that time, because of their petty rules. They shut the door of the Kingdom in the people's faces; they themselves did not enter in, so the poor people who really loved God daren’t enter in neither!

Religion is a system made by man to cover mans pride and inability to save himself and himself righteous. Jesus died to save us from our own righteousness and give us his. All we have to do is accept it.

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Aug 17, 2014
cult to religion
by: Anonymous

from cults come cultures. from cultures come religions. from religions come wars.

Aug 17, 2014
all religions are a way of life
by: Anonymous

the united states has put all the religions here. that is why it is a enamy to most of the world. that is unfixable unless the U.S. is devided into states without a federal government. either the american people see to it or we will be changed by force. face it we are doomed, the feds, are not volintarly going to give up thier pot of gold.

Apr 17, 2011
Religion vs Sprituality
by: Katherine T Owen - webmaster of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing

Dear Sandra,
In my view, religion has almost so many different meanings that the word has become almost meaningless! I have a positive, a negative, and a neutral take on what the word religion means. We almost have to define the word religion any time we use it.

I discuss here the difference between religion and spirituality.

I was outside religion for a long time. My book It s OK to Believe takes the reader on my journey to feel comfortable with being someone to whom the spiritual journey is my absolute priority. My questioning mind found this rather difficult.

In a book of mine which is not yet available the poems talk more about my reconciliation with Christianity. I found this even harder at the time!

To you Christianity is not religion, to me it is, and that is OK.

For me the statement:
'there is only one way you can be saved and that is by Jesus Christ who died for you.'; is a religious statement. For me this particular religious statement leads potentially to division and is not one I would use.
For you, it is a spiritual statement.

My definition of religion overlaps with yours.
You say,
'Religion is an operation of rules and regulations that you may think you have to obey'.

I would change it in reference to my own life to:
'Religion is an operation of rules and regulations I choose to obey'.

For example, on recovery of my walking and speech, returning to a life outside a room, I wanted to make sure I didn't lose the gift I found in illness - the spiritual connection.
One of the ways I do this is to be religious about tithing my time - setting aside 'God Time' each morning when I read either the Bible or A Course In Miracles, say prayers and hand my day over to God.
I have no intention of running my own life any more. My intention is to ask for God's guidance and align myself with His (Her) will. But I recognise that it would be easy to fall into running my own life.

My 'religious' practice - one I commit to regularly, serves to make sure that I do not rely on having to remember to this daily practice. It is what I do when I wake.

If not, then my 'religion' might fall by mistake into being a writer, or a webmaster. I want to make sure that any identity or role I take on in the world is always secondary to the connection with God. Religion helps me to do this.

Thank you so much for sharing Sandra. I enjoyed hearing your view.
God Bless us and guide us always,


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