Recognition of Someone Who Truly Understood...Not the Only One

by Wendy
(Western Australia)

Dear Katherine...When I opened your site, and started to watch your video of you climbing the stairs, I just sat here, so still, and I read those words of your own illness and realized it was very similar to my own.

Different Diagnosis

(Fibromyalgia is one of the diagnoses I have had over the past six years, but I have a weird and wonderful list of all the things each different specialist told me I had, before they wrote out a script for more drugs, and then only to find the NEXT doctor/specialist would say "no, you don't have have ..THIS..." and write out more scripts!)

Recognition of Someone Who Truly Understood...Not the Only One

It was at this point I could not read anymore of your site, as something cracked open and tears just poured out of me (and I was not even sad, or feeling down!!!) I think it was just recognition of someone who truly understood, of seeing that I was not the only one, and hearing of your brave struggle to rise not only above this affliction but move beyond it! On all levels!

Bless you!

I felt my tears flow in a way they do when I sense the presence of spirit, and something powerful that I will 'add to my truth' so to speak.
So I just wanted you to know that!!!

I will go back and read further about your story Katherine, it seems you have suffered so much and yet achieved so much more. Your smile in that video radiated with love, and hope, and faith and something more that I aspire to always honour - a sense of humour and a heart full of compassion!

Experience of Mainstream Doctors

I realized long ago, that I would not find healing from a mainstream doctor, or from their drugs. Doctors (sad to say) are not taught how to heal, they are taught how to apply bandaids....(in the form of handing out drugs.....prescriptions etc)

I know that sounds cynical. It is not meant to... I did realize many years ago that my "illness" began with me, and it would be healed by me... I was responsible for it's origins, and therefore I must seek out the answers and be responsible for its healing.

I Need To Learn To Ask For Help

... it is only now I acknowledge that I need to learn how to ask for help (but I still don't know WHO to ask!) I do get very desperate at times, but then it drives me back to the one who will never let me down...and who will always be here for me.
You could call that person God. You could call that person wendy.
It might be one and the same, or at the least, totally connected.
Just the way I see it.... but it begins and ends with my self!

Chinese Medicine

These days I feel a lot of hope with the chinese herbals and medical procedures...... the energy lift is profound and I feel a real trust in the process...... and newfound hope that here lies the key to my healing. The Chinese doctor I see even lists fibromyalgia/CFS/ME as things she specializes in healing....and I have been told by many who trust her, that she never says she can heal unless she knows she can!

I will go back and read some more, now the tears dried up. I send you big warm hugs, and sincere gratitude Katherine, for your friendship and kindness...and for your own courage and wisdom! I can see how you are a true gift to the world with so much to offer others.....

Again, I thank you for reaching out Katherine.... you touched my heart...
Big hugs

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Those Who Live With Illness With An Open Heart Are Doing Something Wonderful
by: Katherine T Owen

Dear Wendy,
Thank you for your beautiful words.
The way it moved you makes the work of setting up the website worthwhile.
How well I know that feeling of relief that another has some knowledge of what you are going through.
The idea that I can provide that for others is fantastic. (Although, I am also aware of all those unwell enough to sit at a computer.)

Yes, let's keep asking God for help and then He/She sends the one to help us. :-)

Living with illness is such a challenge. Those who are willing to keep their hearts open through such difficulties are doing something truly wonderful.
Well done.
You are beautiful and all things are working for good.

With the Love we are,

Let Go Let God - Quick Note
by: Anonymous

I'm new to A Spiritual Journey, but I already love you guys. I feel as if I know each person as a neighbor.

When I was sick, had to just let it GO. Not talk about it, think about it, worry about it.

When ever the challenge came to my mind, I said,
"I let go and let God. I can't handle this on my own and I turn it over to you."

This is when I started to get well.

Blessings to you both.

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