Art and Modern Spirituality (and heartbreak)

by Megan

The Art of Modern spirituality

The Art of Modern spirituality

The Art of Modern Spirituality (and Heartbreak).

An illustrated book of wisdom embracing classic art, philosophy and contemporary spirituality in modern society.

Using classic artist’s works – from Van Gogh to Picasso and Frida Kahlo, along with her own sketches – Megan creates a pastiche of wisdom that grapples with the suffering and joys of authenticity and awakening to one’s true self in contemporary life and the yoga path.

"Megsie's art work is stunning and unique, it has a raw vibrancy and naivety that is totally captivating" - Dr Sally Adnams Jones

It is a wonderful book that may help people on their spiritual path.

Note from Katherine T Owen
Thank you for letting us know about your spiritual book, Megan. It is the first book I am aware of specifically setting out to combine spirituality and art – what an interesting concept. I wish you every blessing.
May your light shine bright

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Feb 06, 2017
Thanks from a spiritual author
by: Megan

Thank you Katherine.

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Spiritual Parenting

by Annie Burnside
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family is a guidebook for parents using modern, everyday reality and universal, life-affirming themes to expand spiritual awareness in the home. It is non-denominational in nature and focuses on principles such as soul to soul versus role to role, oneness, self-love, boundaries, authenticity, joy and gratitude inviting spiritual development for both parent and child.

Learn to use books, music, movies, parent contemplations and more to integrate a new perspective into your family and raise consciousness in our world—one individual and one family at a time.

A spiritual journey book for all ages, a mother weaves her personal path of self-discovery into a positive and transformational parenting approach creating a framework for other parents who desire the same.

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Mar 02, 2011
What Parents Need to Read
by: Floriana Hall

This sounds like a good book for every parent to read. Let's get back to the way it used to be with parents teaching morals, manners, cleanliness and forgiveness.

My small children's book SIMPLE PLEASURES helps parents, also, to see that their children are living a life that includes love, discipline, playing outdoors and limited use of the electronic toys of today. Parents and guardians need to teach respect and not expect teachers to instruct their students on matters they should have learned at home from the age of two years.

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Awakening our inner light and inner power

by Gayatri Clabonova

Awakening Inner Guru

Awakening Inner Guru

Awakening Inner Guru is a fascinating, must-read book for anyone sincere about living life more fully.

The book deals with many existential questions such as ‘Who am I?’, ‘How do I participate in creating my reality?’.

Not only will you find the answers to these questions, but you will also acquire a whole new perspective of your reality and the world as you know it.

Most of us sleepwalk through the life completely unaware of our inner light. We face many challenges and struggles in life and take that as natural. We do not feel in command of our lives and we seldom feel 100% balanced.

This is where the seeker in us embarks on a spiritual journey to break through the limitations that binds us. Awakening Inner Guru by Banani Ray and Amit Ray details the intimate nuances of a journey of self-discovery.

The book shows the aspirant the way to the freedom, peace and joy by surrendering to our inner light which is our inner Guru.

An aid to this awakening process, according to them, is to establish a perpetual faith in the Universe, which is the expression of our inner reality.

The book encourages the reader to take a journey of fulfillment, where we have limitless options to learn and grow.

Another topic elaborated on is an attitude of gratitude. This emphasizes our indelible bonds with the Sun, the air, the Mother Earth, and with everything in this Universe.

“We are not strangers in this journey of life…
We are connected to each other through this mysterious field of love”.

Awakening Inner Guru is an endearing tribute to self-realization. Here, we enter a new realm where health and well-being are products of natural perfection and enlightened visions that come when we wake up to align ourselves with our inner power.

Awakening Inner Guru leaves the reader uplifted and refreshed. The book brings the hope for enlightened living wihtin an everyday reality for everyone willing to take the journey.

This book has changed my life. Thanks to Katherine T Owen that I could share it. For the benefit of the visitors of the website, in case anyone wishes to purchase it, it is available both at Amazon and Kindle store.
Peace and light to all.

Tags: awakening, inner light, inner power, seeker, faith, self realization

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Apr 05, 2012
Inner Light
by: Shaun

Thank you Gayatri.

I have a whole raft of new insight since pursuing this line of spiritual enquiry.

It seems to pervade most of the major religions and my book by Juan Miguel RUIZ 'Beyond Fear' attributes the awareness of universal energy coming from the Sun through us into ethereal reality.

My book also echoes A Course in Miracles when advocating getting control of the dream, becoming a warrior and recreating heaven here on earth.
Interesting stuff!!

Acceptance, awareness, adaptability and a willingness to undergo a change of behaviour, personality or the soul's integrity are all parts of God's design and purpose to glorify and exhult our beautiful being.

Katherine is an example to us all of how God can shine a perfect light through us and teach us the perfection which is our true destiny.

With the love we are,

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A book to free the mind and heal the heart

by toby negus
(Bristol, UK)

The following is an extract from the illustrated book The Sacred You - how to be your own saviour.
by Toby Negus

“This book started some years ago, when I was in a very dark place in myself. I was feeling desperate, desolate, depressed and downright pissed off. I had tried everything I could that might offer freedom to the life I felt inside me.

Over the years I had searched much of the ancient knowledge of the world and much of the new age understandings about the meaning of a spiritual life. I created hundreds of practices to help build my self-development, I had even beaten myself to a pulp with all the ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ that those who proclaim to be developed recommend. (God save me from those that think they are developed!) But there was still something missing; I still felt unable to create the life I wished for myself.

I felt let down and alone and the world outside offered no peace and no respite from the pain I felt.

I had nothing left, nowhere else to turn to. I had only me. So I drove inwards into the very core of myself, to a place I had never been before, nor even knew existed.

I embraced the deep unknown within me, without conditions or expectations because I had nothing left to give, nothing to clothe my pained, naked and vulnerable self. I did not find a monster or a place void of light. I found peace and felt, surprisingly, no longer alone.
In that moment I had somehow accepted all that I was: the good, bad and the ugly. In that settlement, I saw within me, everything that I needed to be who I love. I understood that I was my own saviour and, of course, wished it no other way. I felt that I had somehow opened the final door.”

Copyright, Toby Negus

Click through to read the blurb for the book, or to buy at your nearest Amazon store

tags: spiritual book, spirituality, sacred, self help, free the mind, heal the heart, illustrated self help

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