Spirituality and CFS

by Katherine T Owen
(Swindon, Wiltshire, UK)

Quite a few people ask me questions about CFS symptoms, CFS diet etc, which don't fit well on this spiritual website, so the other year, I set up another website, www.healingcfsme.com.

Whilst the spiritual journey is the most important one, we still have to find a way to deal with the every day challenges of of chronic illness.

I have transferred over some articles on CFS, and was wondering whether to transfer over more. (A-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com doesn't get found that much for CFS or ME but more for prayer, poems and forgiveness.)

However, in the last week I have heard from 3 people with ME/CFS who have been touched by the spiritual website. So my question is answered and I will leave more CFS articles on here.
People with CFS/ME may visit less, but it is so wonderful to hear that this website has been helpful to you.
Thank you, God for answering my question.

If you read this and feel like sharing your story of spirituality and CFS, it would be lovely to see it on the website.

We are really blessed to pursue spirituality in a time of illness. The true reality of God’s love is unperturbed by the state of our body! And the most important journey is the one of awakening to that Love.

I include below the kind words received this week.
I hope they remind you that you are not alone in finding the spiritual connection in a time of challenge. Many other beautiful people are doing the same.

Please join me in sending out a prayer to everyone out there who is pressing into God in a time of challenge, and take a moment to receive the prayers they and I say for you.

God blesses us,

Your comments:

Thank-you for your website.

I, too, have CFS/FM as well as other disorders.
Your sharing and prayers have helped me in ways I find difficult to express.

Holy Spirit at work? Yes!

Gratefully, Carol

Dear Katherine, once again I find myself facing an increase in the severity of my symptoms, and wondering what will happen to me. And once again I turned to your website to give me hope in the midst of fear and desperation.

So thank you for surviving your own battle and giving hope to others. I'm so grateful to you!
Alice x

My name is Sam. I have had CFS for four years now, and would like to say that I have found your website and story to be of great value during some times of suffering I've been through with this illness.

From your website and books I can see that you have been through an awesome amount of suffering and purification, and you are very seriously spiritually minded.

I don't usually say this in emails to others, but your website and journey is just so truly incredible; you made such an amazing internal transformation in a disease that usually just crushes people.

Your story has been an inspiration to me over the past few years to try to become the philosophy that I ascribe to.

Of course, I am sure that you hear this all of the time from others that you have inspired. I've always wanted to write to you and tell you this.

Thank you for what you are doing.

(New Zealand)

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