How to navigate life's darkest ordeals

by Alison

Review for Dark Nights of the Soul

by Thomas Moore

This book provides much comfort and reassurance when undergoing the process of a dark night of the soul. It encourages deep contemplation and curiosity about the process rather than a knee jerk reaction, which can often be to try to get the hell out of it as quickly as possible.

Chronic illness has brought me to a dark night experience, which I am still in, and I find the book a source of genuine comfort and affirmation that all is well in my life, no matter how it may seem from the outside.

The triggers for a dark night, including illness, aging, love and emotional upset are sympathetically covered, together with the possibility of creativity emerging spontaneously from the darkness.

The underlying message is that the soul follows a deeper and more mysterious path than we can ever imagine, and surrendering to this mystery can offer possibilities for healing and change.

It is like having a wise and caring friend in the room to read this book.

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From Katherine T Owen, webmaster

Dear Alison,

Thank you so much for your spiritual book review - it sounds like a wonderful book that will bring people much comfort in dark times - of great relevance to many who use this website.

With the Love that comforts us,

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Read Katherine's book and poems

I recently purchased Katherine Owen's book entitled, "It's OK to Believe" and find her words speak to me like no other.

As I think back, I am surprised at how Owen's website seemed to pop-up on my screen haphazardly, leading me to read her blogs about spirituality.
Now I realize discovering her website was no coincidence. I am so grateful to the Divine intervention.
Thank you, Katherine

Note from Katherine T Owen

How lovely.
Thank you to anonymous. If you are interested you can click through to a a preview of my book, It's OK to Believe here.

(For those who don't know, I am also the author of this spiritual website.)

With Love to all,

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A Step-by-Step Guidebook to Awaken Your Inner Master

by Eliza Mada Dalian

“This book is like a mirror that reflects whatever is within us. Every line is a potential arrow that might expose something hidden within our unconsciousness and help us come a step closer to our true Self.”
– Jesse Carliner, Editor, MA Eastern Studies

The seven time award-winning best-selling guidebook, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness, is for those who wish to understand what life and their journey here is all about. It is for those who wish to find their inner master and know the steps they need to take to liberate their being from the ego-mind and find spiritual enlightenment. A fresh new perspective on healing, personal development, and living in the Now.

As a self-realized mystic, master healer, educator, and founder of the evolutionary Dalian Method for health and consciousness, Eliza Mada Dalian knows first hand what it takes to awaken from the dream and break through the veil of pain and illusion created by our ego-mind.

Mada's "against the grain" advocacy that the ego needs to be healed and strengthened from its wounded state before it can be surrendered, reflects a spiritual traveler who can think outside the box.

By suggesting not to struggle with the ego, she helps us understand its purpose, and teaches how to transform it into a healthy state of consciousness. She insists that we must strengthen our inner witnessing awareness in order to dis-identify from our mind and emotions and be willing to surrender the ego.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, this book is outstanding for its precision, depth, ease of understanding, density of information, and uniqueness of format. It is both a thought-provoking mind feast and a step-by-step road map to healing and becoming more conscious and free.
The book offers an in-depth understanding of the purpose of meditation and self-observation, and helps you learn how to dis-identify from your thoughts and emotions as you work through the seven energy centers or chakras in your body.

Near the end of the book there is a complete chapter on how to break through personal and collective conditionings, fears, pain, depression, and suffering and find the eternal health that abides within the depth of your inner being.

Bursting with specific exercises and techniques to help heal mental and emotional blockages it is supremely practical. It will inspire you to take a more accepting, compassionate, and proactive approach on your journey of healing and awakening.

Mada leaves her personal odyssey for the ending chapter, as she illustrates and inspires by revealing her own journey of trials and tribulations that eventually lead her to experience awakening and liberation from her own ego-mind. We are left with the feeling that if she can do it, so can we! It is simply a matter of intention, focus, and discipline.

Book Praise:

“The concepts covered in this book take the concepts covered in Eckhart Tolle’s books a couple of notches further. I am quite excited about this book because there is a lot of new material to integrate into my toolkit of understanding, which to me doesn’t happen very often. It feels like a new door opening and a whole bunch of work is now possible.”
Dr. Dorle Kneifel, M.D.

“There are many books that I get across my desk, and many of them are amazing, but every once in a while I get a book that is extraordinary, and this In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness is one of those books... There is going to come a day when we are not going to talk about healing as miraculous. Though we are not there yet, thanks to the work of Eliza Mada Dalian, her book, and her healing method that day will come much quicker! This groundbreaking healing method that Mada has created is for everyone...”
Dr. Pat Baccili, The Dr. Pat Show

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Spiritual Self Help Book Reincarnation

by Deb

Spiritual self help book title: To Be Continued
Spiritual self help author: Karen Berg

Subject: Why do we suffer? Reincarnation and Kabbalah

Why read this book? To better understand the soul… where it’s been and where it is going.

Written in a style accessible and understandable to even those new to Kabbalist mystical spiritual teachings, “…To Be Continued…” provides insight into reincarnation beliefs and wisdom. For the individual seeking deeper clarity and understanding to their life, this book provides a fascinating overview of how previous incarnations and this life relate to the soul’s purpose in reaching the Creator, the Source of all Light.

Divided into three primary sections, the first compares the experiences of the soul to that of a puzzle – one in which all the pieces are in place before birth. Our soul is then tasked with putting those pieces back into place throughout our lifetimes.

Ms. Berg provides anecdotal evidence for reincarnation, a process through which the soul evolves, a process of correcting itself to reach the state in which a ‘mature soul realizes it can be fulfilled only through sharing.’ A soul becomes elevated, ‘when individuals focus on the welfare of others.’

The real key, as covered in the second section, is putting the puzzle pieces together. The universe knows which lessons to teach us because those are the lessons needed to evolve and through these challenges our soul is refined and matures.
Life lessons are not easy – to learn to love, forgive, and transform – and often come in paradoxical form. But ‘challenges provide us with opportunities to move from one level to another’ and are key to moving from darkness to Light. In that way it is easier to appreciate the hardships and to love the questions themselves, because they serve a greater, higher purpose in developing the soul for a greater good.

The third section of this spiritual self help book provides information on tools to help an individual in putting the pieces together. This is probably the most elusive of the sections for a novice. While angels, astrology and face and palm reading are not altogether foreign concepts, they also may not be part of the reader’s existing spiritual tradition or practice.

For this novice, the truth in many of the teachings resonated with me, even though I was reading them for the first time.
It was as if I had this understanding inside me all along, and the words on the page were simply spelling it out for me.
Reincarnation also brings with it the reassurance that the soul has the opportunity to correct itself, if not in this lifetime, then in the next. And that is reason for hope in itself, that life does not end with death, but that the soul will continue its journey until it is ready to return to the Light.

For those actively seeking to understand their greater mission in this life and the greater context beyond just this life’s experiences, this book is indispensible reading.

Note from Katherine T Owen

I often get offered review copies of books in the spiritual self help category.
If I read them all I wouldn’t get any writing done! So I appealed to my list for volunteers.

Deb was the worthy winner by answering all the questions asked of her. She received this spiritual self help book to review.

Many thanks to Deb for her heartfelt review. I am so glad both for her and the author that she loved the book.

Move from spiritual self help book to read poems by the author of this website.

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