The end of religion?

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)


I look for vast changes in religion. I expect the next 50 years will see a moving away from many of the creeds, the doctrines and the rituals that have come to seem such an essential part of religion, and a moving forward toward a greater emphasis on man's bond with his fellows and leading the good life on Earth.
The best faith and the best practice are found in the sympathy of man for man. It is the one trait common to all religion and the noblest trait of of all religions.

The above words were penned in 1945 by a wise gentleman named Cyrus Eaton.

70 years have passed since Cyrus Eaton wrote these words and the core dictum of religion as he so eloquently put it, remains.

However, there is no doubt that conventional religion today is not as powerful, as attractive as it once was. Large numbers of people are finding the incessant ritual, the dogma and the prayers by rote stifling and constrictive and as a result are leaving the churches, the temples and synagogues in droves all over the world and looking for something more meaningful, more fulfilling.

Many are led to the realization of their own divinity, of the indwelling high spirit-Self, that they are gods in the making, that they are themselves temples of the divine and have no need to go to a church or temple to commune with the Divine.

Others are drawn to the many Aquarian new age groups where the sympathy of man for man, compassion and universal love are paramount, the very best of traits, where doing things by rote is a thing of the past, where communication with the spirit is inspirational and filled with light.

Great numbers of the human family are growing up spiritually speaking in this era and this was foreseen long ago by many of the Masters and wise sages of yore. This trend will expand hugely in the coming centuries as more and more souls awaken to their own divine potential as sons and daughters of the Universal Logos, that vast Being Who holds in His hands worlds, suns and angelic hierarchies. It is not to difficult to envision a time when religion which mankind has used as a crutch for ages, will disappear. Is this a awful or contentious statement to make?? I really don't think so.

Everything in the vast arena of life and creation has its period, its time of use and when that draws to a close having fulfilled its function, it ceases to exist ( on the dense, physical level) The energies which maintained them then revert to the overall cosmic pool of creative energy. The ancient sages of the East knew this and also knew that in the Millenia ahead man would evolve spiritually to the degree where the need for outer forms would no longer be necessary.

Of course golden era of supernal light lies very far ahead as millions of souls still require the crutch of church and temple with their priests, ministers and Rabbi's.

It is said by those who are able to read the Akashic Records that in that very, very early time when men and women first took on physical form that they were able to see and communicate with the Great Ones, the Lords and Masters of life who had already attained their mastery on other worlds in ages past.

The certainty is that present humanity will also attain as such, for it is the great Cosmic law.

Looking at present day humanity still riddled and beset with wars, violence, hatred, oppression and crippling poverty, the possibility of a time of global peace and light where the highest traits of love, goodness and compassion reign supreme, seems truly only a dream, an impossibility.

But time moves on relentlessly as does growth toward a higher state of being, of consciousness. Such again is the Cosmic law

From webmaster, Katherine T Owen

Dear Robert,
I thank you as always for your words.
As one who explored spirituality for many years outside religion and has now returned, I don’t share your negative view of religion, but I am happy to let others read it on this website.
Having been disparaging of ritual, it fascinates me how much I now find ritual to be a doorway to allow through a powerful experience of God’s love. It is as though the very familiarity of the words allows one to go past the words to receive the intention to connect with God.

For those who wish to read an alternative view, I speak here about

my return to religion
and the positive benefits of religion I encounter.

My love to you Robert,
My love to all,

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Apr 20, 2015
Spiritual Travellers - Hearts & minds
by: Anonymous

There are many, who by virtue of their passivity,dependency. fear and laziness, seek to be shown every inch of the way and have it demonstrated to them that each step will be safe and worth their while, this cannot be done.

For the journey of spiritual growth requires
COURAGE & INITIATIVE & INDEPENDENCE. of thought and action.

While the words of the prophets and the assistance of Grace are available, the journey must be travelled alone.

No teacher can take you there. There are no present formulas. Rituals are only learning aids, they are not the learning.
Eating organic food, saying five hail Mary before breakfast, praying facing East or West or going to church on Sunday , will not take you to your destination. No words can be said, no teachings can be taught that will relieve spiritual travellers from the necessity of picking their own ways, working out with effort and anxiety their own paths through the unique circumstances of their own lives, towards the identification of their individual selves - WITH GOD.

(I've carried the above writing with me for twenty years now. I can't remember where I found it. it came after a desperately difficult time in my own development. It is the truth I recognize. God doesn't ask us for anything, other than 'KEEP THE FAITH, EVEN WHEN TIMES ARE TOO HARD TO BEAR,) Maturing isn't easy.

As one dear friend said to me many years ago,'RELIGION IS ONLY THE CUP, IT'S NOT THE COFFEE'
My thoughts are that it isn't religion that's at fault, it's the way it's been cut by people to fit their own small abilities. God loves them all the same.

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