The Ten Commandments - Bringing Up Children

by Floriana Hall - extract from her book
(Akron, Ohio, USA)

Floriana Hall

Floriana Hall

Living The Ten Commandments

For many years now, there has been much controversy about whether The Ten Commandments should be displayed in schools. My thinking is that they should also be followed at home by the parents or parent. Today’s morals, like a broken window, are lacking in respect to The Ten Commandments. Society tends to hide from this fact and a child’s upbringing could suffer adversely.

Tucked away as if in a drawer of a filing cabinet, it seems that morality, civility, honesty, integrity, discipline, and righteousness have been replaced by a modern lack of spirituality. Instead of following the Ten Commandments, they have been replaced by prejudice...and political maneuvering. Our message to the children in this day and age is’s tolerable to cheat in government, it’s a right to own guns.” I shudder when mass killings take place in schools or elsewhere.

We hear so much hype by the media that nothing surprises anyone anymore. Oh, yes, drugs, sexual abuse, guns and killings tend to be commonplace. Violence and hatred seem to be expected.

Let’s get our priorities in order, not like papers scattered on a desk left unsorted. We need to teach respect, morality and manners instead of accepting so-called “attitudes.” Let’s get back to the way it used to be when parents where in charge in a loving way and children were not always the center of attention, getting whatever they want.

Too much doting on children by parents causes them to rebel because they feel parents do not care how they act or what they do. Children need rules to follow. Parents who have tough love produce children who succeed in life. And for those who feel they must build up their offspring’s self-esteem, that is only earned by the child’s own self. What a parent says and does is also very important. By living and teaching the Ten Commandments, parents show love. Children feel loved and respected when parents take an interest in their activities, also.

Even if both mother and father have to work, they must take time to guide and listen to their children. They must know where they are at all times, with whom they associate and what they are doing.

Yes, there will still be some abuse in the universe because there are some sick people, but it wouldn’t be so prevalent if most parents do not abuse their child in any way. Abuse can be the acceptance or promotion of drugs, sexual and moral decay instead of trying to correct it. It all starts at home.


As with other submissions to the site, the views expressed in this article are not necessarily shared by the owner of this website.

The Importance of Prayer

The daily habit of praying can conquer all things, can restore hope in all situations and is necessary every day for peace of mind. Morning prayers, prayers before meals, evening prayers, and most important, prayers of thanks to God for the gifts He bestows on us each day can make each day a better day. Children who are taught to pray or who read the Bible will be more likely than not to follow the Ten Commandments.

Along with prayer, parents need to limit the time their children watch television and play with all the electronic toys that attract them. Parents also need to make sure their children play outdoors instead of sitting in front of the computer most of the time.

Children tend look up to sports figures. Parents need to be heroes to their boys and girls instead of ill mannered, sometimes violent, so-called sports heroes who get paid beyond expectations. School teachers are heroes in their own way and should be paid more because they teach our children knowledge. However, they cannot be held solely responsible for teaching discipline, morals and manners. That should begin at home at the tender age of one or two years, when the child understands “no” and feels loved at the same time.

Respect for others must be taught at home by parents, no matter what race, color, income or religion. ‘Families who pray together, stay together’ is an old cliché which works in any era.

I continually thank God for the gift of life and health and even pain. He suffered and died for us, and we must offer our sufferings up to Him.

The more positive my belief in Him, the more positive my belief in everything honorable and good. Whatever befalls, I still feel His arms embrace me as they did in the tunnel of light.*
*When I almost drowned at the age of seven, I saw Angels at the end of a tunnel of light. A sixteen year old girl found me floating downstream.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 37 of my new book MISS FLOSSIE'S WORLD - Coping with Adversity During The Great Depression Then and the Recession Now

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