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Aug 22, 2015
Asking for what you want in prayer
by: Katherine T Owen

Beautiful prayer, Keith.
Thank you for giving me cause to read it.

It puts me in mind of two prayers that I say whenever I remember throughout the day… 3 prayers on reflection.

In the catholic church before the gospel we make a sign of the cross on our foreheads, lips and heart whilst saying
Christ be in my mind
and on my lips
and in my heart.

I say it each morning on waking.

(In NLP you learn that the power of information is enhanced the more senses are involved, and this 'kinesthetic' action of making a sign of the cross becomes powerful in itself in allowing one to access the sense of surrender.)

The other is a quote from A Course In Miracles.

"What would you have me do
Where would you have me go
What would you have me say... and to whom. "

Which of course is the same as the "Thy will be done" of the Our Father prayer.

There is another surrender quote from ACIM which I encountered recently which I know will really help me if I can remember to apply it!

"My function is to decide against deciding what I want in recognition that I do not know."

Wow! That's a radical step when we are fixed on a certain outcome being the right one and is in line with your intention not to ask for something specific.

Having said all that though, I do believe in asking for what we want in prayer.

My reason is this:
Sometimes when I catch my thoughts they are asking for what I DO NOT want, for example,
‘Here I am encountering this kind of relationship with someone again, finding myself upset by this kind of behaviour.’

If I examine my thoughts further I have an idea of the behaviour I would like.

Since I am already accidentally ‘asking’ for what I do not want, to ask in prayer for ‘what I do want’ seems to be a cancelling out of separation rather than an adding to it. At least what I ask for is more likely to be aligned with a peaceful outcome.

Also, there is much in the Bible to suggest that both surrender AND asking have their place. We are seeing what we see with our eyes, judging that as our reality, commenting on it, analysing it, despairing of it (or celebrating it) and thereby affirming that it IS reality.

To remember to ask, in spite of circumstances which suggest otherwise, for a reality not yet apparent can feel like an affirmation that the spiritual reality is the greater one and lead me to a real sense of peace and a return of my sense of humour!!!!

This return to peace is the treasure which tells me that ‘asking’ is something I personally need to do more of.

Thank you Keith as always for your words of wisdom :-)

With Love to all, Katherine

Aug 22, 2015
by: Keih

What an interesting discussion.

I used to meditate daily for up to a couple of hours but I soon realised, through being intentionally aware at the vibrational level of my being, that the states induced were the same as when I prayed.

I realised that even prayer was in fact a statement of separation! If I'm honest I used it to delude myself....just more righteously.

Nowadays I do still pray daily but my prayer is this:

Father live through me,
Breathe through me,
Be through me, in the only moment there is.
Be my eyes and everything I think I see.
My ears and everything I hear,
My nose and everything I smell,
My mouth and everything I taste,
My skin and everything I touch.
Father, be my heart and everything I Love,
My voice and everything I say, and in every moment be my mind and everything I think.

Amalgamation with God produces effects reflected in this idea of Life. To ask for God's help with what are ultimately illusory situations and desires only solidifies their reality in ones experience.

Life isn't meant to be divided into periods, some of which might be dedicated to prayer. Life should be a living prayer in every moment, a statement of truth, an experiential celebration of unity prior to being.

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