Inspiring Catholic Spirituality

catholic spirituality

My spirituality has been and is explored both outside and within Catholic spirituality.

I resist labels but you could say I am an interfaith Catholic Christian (as well as a student of ACIM).

It has been part of my return to being a Catholic to come across inspiring Catholics who speak of God's love and spirituality in a way that helps me to better hear God's voice.

On this page I share news of a couple of such people. Continue reading below, or first read a list of other relevant articles on this website.

Other articles relevant to Catholic Spirituality

Father Christopher Jameson

Father Christopher Jameson featured in a wonderful series of three TV programs on BBC2 (a UK television station), called The Big Silence.

(Update: Apologies, when last I checked the program was no longer available on youtube but you can buy the DVD on Amazon.)

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Through the series, Father Jameson helps 5 non-Christian people who want to find deeper meaning in their life prepare for and learn from 8 days of silent retreat.

“Silence is the gateway to the soul.
Silence is the gateway to knowing God and knowing oneself.”

Father Christopher Jameson

All 5 participants are climbing the walls in first few days.

If they hadn’t made the commitment, they would have given up or left.

All pass through and have an experience of profound Love which they call by different names.

One worries about being thought barmy as he experiences Jesus going for a walk with him, and saying:

“Whilst you’ve been looking, I’ve been here, I’ve always been here. You just weren’t listening.”

One hears a loving feminine voice.

Many pass through feelings of grief over the death of loved ones, or guilt about things they have done.

Watching the programs allowed me to value even more deeply the silence in my own life.

Quotes from those who lived the Big Silence

“The thing about silence it’s not as bad as you think because the fear is in you.”

“I don't have that underlying anxiety in life any more.”

“The magnificence of the universe has dawned in me.
We are in the universe so the universe is in us.”

“I’ve invited the universe into my life and it is just bringing amazing things.”

“God is now a very living presence in my life.”

Fr Christopher truly demonstrates inspiring Catholic spirituality. If you want to look him up, he has written books.

Christianity and Awakening

"Spirituality means waking up"

Anthony de Mello

This morning I heard the above spirituality quote by Anthony de Mello.

On looking in the search engine, I was delighted to find out that he is a jesuit priest who drew on knowledge from many religions - especially Buddhism.

Although he is a Catholic, his work is not seen as representing Catholic doctrine. Nonetheless it is enjoyed by many Catholics, along with those of other faiths and none.

(I hope the same can be said of my own books.)

He looks like a jolly fellow!

Thank you for reading this article.
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One of the joys of running this spiritual website is that I can link to other useful resources that provide spiritual sustenance, in the hope that they will also be of spiritual sustenance to you.

Recently I had the joy of going to a catholic church for mass whilst I was on holiday in Wales. The bulletin included advice from Prego on how to interpret the Sunday readings and use them prayerfully to press into God. By the way the Sunday readings are the same in both the Catholic and Anglican church, although they may be a week out of sync.

Move to read about a selection of articles linked to from the Spiritual Blog.

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