Spirituality Definition
Religion Definition

My Working Spirituality Definition and Religion Definition

For the purpose of this website, I will give my own spirituality definition and religion definition.
The words religion and spirituality have taken on so many meanings that they require explanation from those of us who use them.

spirituality definition

Spirituality Definition

(This is the same or similar information as in the graphic above.)

    A belief that there is a greater reality than this world. [Or the non duality belief that God's world is the only reality].
    A belief or sense that we are all one in the Spirit. And that because we are all connected with Spirit we are also all intrinsically connected with each other.
  3. LOVE
    The belief that the reality beyond this world is a reality of Love, Wisdom, Peace.
    A belief that through spiritual practice we can allow Spirit to flow in us and through us.We can experience this reality of Love and connection.

My spirituality definition is summed up by the quote from Jeremiah which teaches us to listen to the still small voice of God.

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Religion Definition – positive:

  1. The structures and beliefs we put in place and agree upon with others in order to maintain morality, stability and community in our lives.
  2. The word can be applied to any set of beliefs, as in the phrase, “he did it religiously”.
  3. With regard to God, religious beliefs and practices are those we follow repeatedly and diligently with the aim of experiencing, through discipline, spiritual freedom.

Some Common Aspects of Religion

  • Beliefs - a set of beliefs taught and accepted or tolerated
  • Code of Conduct
  • Community
  • Devotion (to a deity, prophet, guru or other holy person). Can also be called adoration and worship.
  • Problem-solving approaches eg. forgiveness, prayer, blessing, claiming the truth of spiritual quotes
  • Ritual
  • Stories (often contained in the designated Holy Book)

The larger religions include the following:

  • Art - painting, poetry, music, architecture inspired by the religious tradition
  • Education - faith schools, or educating others on the faith to give them a chance to join.)
  • Outreach - charity work

A definition of spirituality isn't easily separated from a definition of religion. Many spiritual groups share the characteristics of religion by having their own beliefs, community, code of conduct, practices of devotion, problem-solving approaches, rituals and stories.

It is interesting to note that by the above definition of religion, atheists too are each likely to have their own religion.

Religion Definition – negative:

Whenever a belief is imposed with rigidity it may cause harm. It can restrict our freedom and lead to conflict between those who hold different beliefs.

A belief in God, applied rigidly, can make us feel more separate, feel more fear of God, and lead us away from the freedom of the spiritual experience.

A Poem: Spirituality Definition Versus Religion

The poem addresses the question: in what way is religion different from spirituality?

Stand Within It

Religion subdues the chaos in our life,
of great use in times of change and grief–
birth, marriage, death– such a relief
for someone to know what to do.

Religion helps us reach consensus on how to behave–
important when there are many different ways
of doing things.

Religion teaches the difference between right and wrong,
helps us belong in our community.

But spirituality is anarchic, individual.
We give up the need to fit in.
We listen to the spirit within
and do what God would have us do.

Do we not need both?

Let us accept the church of man
and stand within it to find
the Church of God.

© Katherine T Owen

Other inspirational poems by the author of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com.

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How to use spirituality quotes as part of your spiritual practice.

A Book From Someone Who Is Spiritual and Religious

The poem above appears in my upcoming book Through Diversity to Unity - A Journey with Spirituality and Religion.

This is a book which takes the reader with me a I seek to answer questions of faith and inquiry such as:

  • What about all the mistakes religion makes? Does this mean we should stay away from religion?
  • What is religion? Are we all inevitably religious?
  • How can there be many paths to God? What does it mean to say that we are one.
  • What does the word God mean anyway?

The book is packed with accessible content poems relevant to anyone who asks questions of faith whether in or out of religion.

The narrative conveys my own journey as I reach the conclusion that through the diversity of our different faiths we can also celebrate the unity of the spiritual experience.

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Are spirituality and religion the same things? No.

Can they be complementary? Yes.

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