Awakening to God s reality

by John Zarbo

A Fourth Secret of Fatima

A secret hidden in plain sight, the "Miracle of the Sun" itself. Brought down from its heavenly perch- defying every known cosmic law. Our reality bathed in a new light. It's very nature subdued. Our mortal realm revealed as it truly is. This illusion, this hologram, shut off for a miraculous moment as our eyes were opened.

You are not an insignificant speck in Creation, but the center of it. Your inheritance lies beyond this transitory condition. In a world that is no longer shadow, but eternal substance.

"First, seek the Kingdom of Heaven."
"Offend The Lord no more!" And yes, pray for peace. Not the peace of men or nations... But the peace that comes from Christ Jesus.

tags: spiritual awakening, reality, illusion, hologram, non duality, peace

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Poem about Jesus

by Norma
(Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear England)


This is one of the early poems I wrote following my Christian awakening in 1983. Tomorrow is Easter Monday. WE SERVE A RISEN LORD :-).

You saw something in me no-one else could,
I felt the presence of you - awesome, yet good.
Though I couldn't see you clearly, not for some time,
You said I was my Father's daughter, said to call you mine.
You changed the wavering butterfly, set me right on course.
Now I see clearly - you were right to call me yours.

You made me smile at a rose that day,
taught me to rise and see things your way.
Though trying to keep balance is difficult down here,
I will learn with your help - I need have no fear.
I found the 'perfect someone' who is strong and true,

Move to a Bible poem about Jesus – telling the Easter story of the crucifixion

tags: christian, awakening, enlightenment, waking up, spirituality, rose, flowers

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Christian Awakening Poem

by Norma
(Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear England)


If I am but one person-
and I am.

And the spirit of Christ dwells in me
and that same Christ dwells in God.

What need I myself.

Only my own arrogance can fight The Higher Knowing
That Which is Best in me
desires that I come to know.

That which is perishable in me
would oppose the path of the Knowing.

Yet I Am a Higher Being
of that I am certain: despite myself.

A Courageous, Beautiful forerunner
came before me - and even for me.

In the droth of my weakness
he was my awakening.

The sleeping, embryonic Godchild
stirred into life beneath the mask of my old self.

This seed which had always lain dormant
awaiting its season to flower.
This the True, The Essential Self.

With the awakening came an awareness.
A fearful obstacle loomed in my path
it had knowings of its own.
It was My old self
and it held on tightly to its position.

A Calling, A Calling could be heard.
The newly awakened self pushed toward
the calling of its Father’s voice.

While the Old self opposed the intrusion
of the newly awakened Godchild.

The Battle was Intense
this battle remains to this day.
Yet one thing I know.... I am Alive
and I am in love with my Beautiful forerunner

Who is my Lord Jesus Christ.


Note from

Dear Norma,
I love that you use the term awakening. Christian don’t often use the word awakening.
I relate to the spiritual journey you convey.
May our ability for spiritual surrender grow so that in each battle we may become smaller and He may
become greater :-
With the Love we are,

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tags: christian awakening, self, selves, poetry, surrender

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