Holy Spirit Poem

by Gary Edward Allen
(Nanaimo, BC Canada)

His Holy Spirit

One stormy night his Holy Spirit came to me
Offering me peace, love and tranquility

I’ve always been a believer in the presence of God
And my humble views still remain very broad

For he lives on deep within my caring heart
My faith and spirituality never the two shall part

As the morning sun rises and the evening sun sets
Wrapped in my faith, I have fewer regrets

My faith touches me in places like never before
I will lay my hand upon the church door

For his faith lives on both far and wide
It’s echoed on the shifting ocean tides

He is on the wind over the grassy plain
Whispering I shall be returning home again

It’s in the songs of the birds in the trees
He stands for freedom for both you and me

The eternal Holy Spirit does truly move me
Absent of his endearing love where would we be?

It’s upon the wings of an angel I write this poem
In the love of Christ may every heart find a home

May his flame burn eternally in peace and love
With blessings from our heavenly father above

(c) Gary Edward Allen 2017

Thank you so much to Gary for this fervent and effectual poem prayer.

Move to read a prayer to the Holy Spirit on www.a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com.

tags: rhyming, poetry, holy spirit poem, spirituality, faith, Christ

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by Daniel Fortuna Jr.
(Pawcatuck, CT. United States)

The church is my refuge.

It is the comfortable & pleasant shade that I go into to get away from the scouring heat of the cruel world & all its apathy.

It is the oasis that provides the cool & refreshing water that quenches the thirst in the hot & dry desert that is the world, which tests ones faith & sanity.

I look upon the church with unwavering faith, love, & trust – three things for me that remain strong, steadfast, & will never rust.

For it is the majestic symbol of God's love for us through Christ Jesus & the Apostles.

It is the pleasant fragrance that intoxicates me with a sense of peace; a fragrance that provides me with a sense of relief from the foul odor of negativity in the world.

The church is my refuge; in solace, I kneel & sit.

I pray for the arms of God to hold & comfort me with warmth & care; away from the cold & indifferent world out there.
tags: poem about the church, jesus, god, spirituality, christianity

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I Know Where God Comes From

by Steven Williams
(New York)

I Know Where God Comes From

Like the Son is called Light,
As the Sun shines so bright,
I know where God comes from.

As Darkness is called Night,
And the Moon bears his plight,
I know where God comes from.

Like the Stars shining bright,
In the midst of the night,
I know where God comes from.

In the fight for your Life,
Between Darkness and Light,
I know where God comes from.

Satan, Heaven, initial fight?
Creation, Darkness, preemptive strike.

Who, what, why, not when?
The strength of Darkness!
The strength to comprehend.

Calculating… pride, Satan falls into sin.
Misled by the power of Darkness,
And his ability to comprehend.

Is Darkness wrong or was he right,
Exerting his authority prior to God’s Light?

To dismantle the above by the power of His Word?
It’s like Satan casting out Satan, that’s what I heard.
I know where God comes from.

Tags: poetry, christianity, darkness, light, god, creation

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Spiritual poem about rest

by Tim Sumpter
(Ockbrook, UK)

Burning bush by Tim Sumpter

Burning bush by Tim Sumpter

Making Time for the Burning Bushes

I hurry past,
anxious, fast,
coiling tighter
in my rush
and miss the
serene charism
of another burning bush,
extinguished like
the last, in the wake of speed.

I refused
to take rest,
so rest took me
out of the rat-race
and in that place
illness kept, slept,
wept and wrestled
me free to forsake speed.

My limp keeps
me firm in slow,
and in that place,
free of care,
I now see
burning bushes everywhere
I go,
and make time to shoeless be.

(c) Tim Sumpter (March 2015)

tags: spiritual healing poem, burning bush, christian, bible, take time out, rest

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