A poem about becoming a Christian

by Alexander John

My Baptism

It began as a dream then soon that would turn a reality

I've seen love in dark places and know we don't have to burn behind our mortality...

You see my parents aren't religious - that is cool

They divorced by the time I was a teen - and I dropped outta school

But after breaking a few rules

I learned taking isn't what it's about and who knew?...

That on May the 20th two thousand and seventeen

I would pray on the way to my baptism and was grounded but living-my-dream...

With my partner by my side and both her parents

I had joy without laughter and my next thought was marriage...

GOD bless the church and the people in it

GOD bless what everyone is worth and the Holy Spirit that's near-us...

So as the day went on we went to Saturday-mass

As we prayed strong it was happiness-at-last...

Cos as my mind shifted gears

My soul was lifted and there were inner tears.

There is always love

I thought my pain only affected me

But then I knew God’s name could set us all free...

For years I was misguided

Too many tears and I tried to hide it...

But he knows me better than anyone

Every rhyme is an open letter and let the lord’s will be done

Swords - I have none

If I sound like I'm being forward it's only cos I don't want to shun...

Any of my life

So what I give you when I write...

Is strictly from the soul

It felt like a mystery when I was in a hole...

But I knew what I had to do in the end

Give hope and my therapy was my pen...

Lord - I have nothing but hope

And I have made strings out of that rope.

tags: catholic hip hop, rap, a poem about becoming a christian, baptism, spirituality, Christianity, young Christian, modern poetry, honesty, vulnerability, young man emotional healing

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Self acceptance from God's acceptance

by Samantha M. Brooks
(des moines, iowa)


Looking back never solves anything
All it does is cause you pain
The coulda shoulda would've been
Can I go back again
Worries, doubts, fears, insecurities
Bring you to a plain of misery
But you have a choice you can make
You have a hand you can take
Happiness, joy and freedom
Are what you will find in His kingdom
If sunshine and laughter
Are some of the things you're after
Let me show you a place
Where you don't have to put on a face
Just come as you are
Don't hide your scars
All of your guilt and shame
You won't walk away the same
A little bit lighter a little bit freer
Feeling a lot better thinking a lot clearer
It's all because of Jesus Christ Our Savior
Only He can change our behavior
We all have the same chance
To fill our lives with song and dance
So hold on tight
Your life will be filled with the Holy light
Everyday a new experience
I haven't looked back since
The Holy Spirit guides me
I never worry about falling
Take this step with me
And you will see
Jesus in all His glory.

tags: jesus, holy spirit, looking back, acceptance, overcome guilt, spirituality, poetry

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Christian Rap Spiritual Turning Point

by Jarvon Greer
(Los Angeles)

I only got 90 seconds or less

No more shall I wonder in this Universe, with pain of contamination
My mother trapped me with her curse,
No more running finding a cure for my resolution
Blessed with this amazing gift, that will make spit with this unstoppable twist

Out my mother’s womb I wanted to be
I’m searching for da truth, forget about da lies
Who am I, what am I, I can’t seem to think

Trials of Tribulation is da unknown story
Please give me a chance to tell this story
I know I may exaggerate a little
but I’m standing before u as da anointed
I been through so much, that’s why I am forever awake & walking
Constantly switching from poetry 2 rap
So I look in da mirror every day for every lie told about me
I must die for my respect

Out my mother’s womb I wanted to be
I’m searching for da truth, forget about da lies
Who am I, what am I, I can’t seem 2 think

Trials of Tribulation is da unknown story
(line omitted as may cause offence)
It only keep my life with these suppressed memories
Hitting u all where u all bleed on yo knees forgiveness
Just like I did when da Bible finally cut into my flesh
Facing my demons yelling let go, look into their eyes without any fear
My kryptonite no longer weakens me

Out my mother’s womb I wanted to be, searching

Move from Christian Rap to Spiritual Guidance Through Symbolism in the Christmas Story

Tags: christian, rap, spiritual turning point

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