Forgiveness and losing weight


I was diagnosed with MS 3 years ago and have been working very hard to get healthy and clear my body of toxins/negativity.

I have been eating clean and have worked up to exercising vigorously.

I have made many improvements but have remained overweight.

I have recently made the connection that my physical body cannot lose weight until I spiritually and emotionally let go of past resentments hurts and baggage.

I thank you for this awakening in the form of your forgiveness exercise Releasing Judgement! Here are some of the important take-aways for me.

I do believe we all are a part of GOD. Now I am willing to see all people as a part of me, as a part of God. I am willing to see past the world self to try and glimpse the higher self of people I am working to forgive.


Note from

Physical weight has not been an issue for me but I believe that Heather is spot on: for some people forgiveness and weight have a connection.

Being overweight can be a symbol of carrying our past with us, not having yet found a way to let go.

Alternatively it can be a symbol for our desire to layer ourselves to protect ourselves from getting hurt, corresponding with the self talk: ‘I don't want to get hurt again’ and perhaps also ‘don’t come too close’.

Either way, forgiveness can help.

Here’s one of my forgiveness poems or inspirations on the subject.

I Find The Discipline

I’ve put on weight

twice in life.

I lost it by eating less and

exercising more:

no big chore for me though

I’ve seen it be for others.

Now I need to do the same

with my thoughts–

Simplify my life

so as to take in less

and increase my practise

of releasing through forgiveness.

It's OK to think or eat what comes most easily. It’s OK to apply the discipline of choosing carefully what you eat or think.

“They tie up heavy loads and put them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.”
(Matthew 23:4, NIV)

My thanks to Heather for letting me know what she got from the free forgiveness ebook – Releasing Judgment - (free at the time of writing). Heather, if you get this, “I really appreciate it, your comment and it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job of looking after yourself. “

If you would like a copy of the forgiveness ebook just click to go to this page and look for the opt in box to see if it is still available.

With the Love we are,

Katherine T Owen,

Spiritual Poet and Writer

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Nov 03, 2013
Forgive yourself First. Comfort eating.
by: Norma

Hi Heather, I'm in the later stages of my life now and I've witnessed over the decades a lot of people who are supressing deep emotional issues gain weight. Sometimes, the problems weren't able to be addressed for some time, and withdrawing into comfort eating /comfort drinking was the natural course.
It takes a long time to work out where our personal choices have led us, and accepting responsibility for those choices.
We ALL make good and bad choices in our lives.
We ALL make mistakes and fall short of being perfect. And I do mean ALL.
I used to beat up on myself a lot for always falling short - being sensitive and a perfectionist, I was always disappointing to 'me'.
Gradually I came to understand God's love on a deeper level, God loved me, I knew that. despite my imperfections. God forgave me, I knew that, despite my imperfections.
Loving others, forgiving others, always came easily for me.
Loving myself and forgiving myself was harder.
Yet once learned the most rewarding.
We're spiritual beings in a human experience, our mistakes, are human error. God knows that.
You're perfect. Love yourself and forgive yourself first, for any imperfections you find. They're not you, they're only a temporary experience.
Every Blessing Norma

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