Love Your Enemies - a personal forgiveness story

by Keith Milhench
(England, UK)

In 1 month I am going halfway round the world - for one wash the feet of my greatest enemy, in gratitude for leading me deeply into the heart of darkness, without which I may never have found the light of God.

Of course I could do this from anywhere, and I do. Time and space are non existent in reality. I picture this person and flood their entire being with light, in full certainty that whatever I imagine in my mind creates from at some level.

I have noticed huge differences in others from practicing this. While I visualise this bombardment of light from every angle washing away this persons darkness I give thanks for the lessons, now fully learned, and pray for their awakening while affirming that in reality there is nothing to forgive except for their slumber.

I remember that physics proves I am a part of everything in existence, a 'microcosm of the macrocosm'. Any differences I witness in form are only apparent because I am witnessing them FROM form. So How can I hold any grudges? Any grudges I do hold only affect myself. I am the one who has to bear the negative energy of unforgiveness and the effects that has on my being, so I choose not to, with my God given free will.

What is needed is a change of perspective. Look on your greatest adversaries as your greatest teachers.
Love them for the love they are.
Forgive them for their unconscious actions which have absolutely no effect on your reality.
Bless them and pray for them while they act out of fear.
From this point of view you actually Teach, Love, Bless and Forgive Yourself!

In love and topical forgiveness...


Note from webmaster of, Katherine T Owen

Thank you, Keith. Truly beautiful.

And so your greatest enemy becomes your greatest friend.

And to your brother let its message be, "Behold me, brother, at your hand I live."
(T-27, A Course In Miracles)

Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
(Matthew 5, The Bible)

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Sep 26, 2011
spiritual healer
by: maxine

Great way to say this.
Bless you for your vision

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Total Commitment To Forgiveness ... you gave it

by Eliana

I believe we call experiences to ourselves to heal. Your choice of experience (Katherine) asked for total commitment to forgiveness, and you gave it!
You are the perfect example of the healed healer.

My deepest gratitude goes to you for doing the deep inner work and offering your willigness to allow yourself to be healed. As you heal we are all healed with you. And for the outer work ( launching the website) allowing others to have access to your knowledge and guidance.

There are many thousands if not millions waiting for your help and it is here! We need witnesses to God's power and you are such a beautiful and eloquent witness to his loving care. I love you and your clarity of thought!

Your poems are beautiful and profound!!! I felt deeply moved! The web site is well organised and rich and I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever it will help many, many others.

In loving gratitude and profound admiration.


For forgiveness advice, go to Prayer for Forgiveness.

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Feb 08, 2011
Re: Forgiveness and Healed healer
by: Katherine T Owen

Thank you for your lovely words Eliana.

“Your choice of experience asked for total commitment to forgiveness”

Those are almost the words I have used myself. I really had no option but to forgive. Otherwise I was just lying there in fear and/or anger. I was a very stubborn disciple but on some level I think I was willing to learn and therefore manifested a world in which I had a choice between forgiveness and death.

Thank you for comment that I am a “healed healer”.

I am so grateful to have learned something of God’s love, but the journey very much continues. I am a healing healer.

I guess we all are. :-)

"As you heal we are all healed with you."

It is so true. Any time we heal by allowing ourselves to see through God's eyes, receive God's love, our healing makes healing more accessible to all. The world moves a little more in the direction of Heaven.

We are helping.

Thank you again,
With the Love we are,

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Forgiveness TV Program

by Katherine T Owen
(Webmaster of this website)

I have just watched Hitler's children.
If you are working on self forgiveness, particularly for something you did not do yourself, it is well worth checking on youtube.

It is a deeply moving, often painful TV program about how the descendants of Hitler's deputies carry the guilt of what their forbears did.

Many were told "it didn't happen" when young, and researched in later life to find the truth.

These people have committed no crimes themselves, yet live with such guilt.

Goering's two children decided to be sterilised to "cut the line".

I suspect that we all carry inappropriate guilt that is not our own. If you want to explore this possibility then watch this TV program. Warning: it is not easy viewing.

I pray for the souls of those involved.

I pray for all those in this film and all the other Germans who carry guilt for what they have not done (- I have a German friend who carries this guilt.)

May God guide us to open our hearts and receive the knowledge of our innocence - the innocence that remains whatever our behaviour.

In our humanity, we cannot understand how to forgive ourselves or others. But all things are possible to God.


Hitler's Children is on youtube

Move to Prayer for Forgiveness

Tags: Forgiveness TV Program, self, guilt

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