In regards to "I am blessed; I am a blessing."

by Mary Ann Packard
(Lafayette, Indiana)

How true! I am a nurse and find myself in fellowship with some of my patients, especially the elderly.

They find themselves at a point in their life with an illness in the hospital and sometimes life-changing outcomes - where once independent, they find themselves dependent on others.

Frustration, hopelessness, feelings of weakness, and discouragment are difficult to overcome in the healing process.

I have to gently remind them that while yes,they are used to being independent and helping others... sometimes the biggest gift they can give is allowing someone else to help them, to give back a little.

That while they may not physically "do" for others...the wisdom, the heart, the message they impart are invaluable.
They never know when they touch someone's life and that they have already touched mine. Touched my heart.

It's a mustard seed I plant. It doesn't make them instantly accept their circumstance or rid them of negative feelings.

However, the look on their face and the tear in their eye as they realize how much they make a difference and how much emotional connection they still have with family and new aquaintenances, the connections that can still be made. Wow... I only hope that seed grows and helps them in their journey.

They are blessed; they are blessings!

I am blessed; I am a blessing.

Note from webmaster of, Katherine T Owen

Dear Mary Ann,

What a lovely contribution.

My goodness, what a difference you must make to so many lives.

To be able to give the gift of receiving from those who haven't realised they have something to give....It is a beautiful thing.

To see the worth of another shine so brightly that they see their worth reflected in your eyes.

When we are ill, it can be so hard to feel of value and those who can help us see and know our value are helping us so profoundly.

Thank you for the beauty you are bringing to your world.

Yes, you are blessed and you are a blessing!! Amen.

With the Love we are and recognise in others,


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Dec 07, 2011
Blessings and Receiving
by: Robert

Indeed, one gets so taken up with serving and doing for others that it is difficult at times when one in turn becomes the recipient of blessings by others.

And yet one should not deny
others wishing to send or bestow on us a blessing
or blessings.

For if we deny them or even feel unworthy we are denying them the opportunity to give freely, denying them the opportunity for spiritual growth.

It is a very humble lesson which I learned many years ago.

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