Loss of Attachment Holy Spirit

by mark k

My case is almost same as yours once was.

All my muscles collapsed and I am having to eat puree etc

I was wondering how was it the first time when you started noticing holy spirit flowing through you?
What were the triggers etc?

How does it feel sensation wise?
Did u started yawning more, sleeping more.
How did u feel in ur body.

One day i woke up and it was joy.
I had no thinking at all, nothing mattered to me, i was just laying and smiling looking at my window. i needed nothing....mind u my physical condition was the same... and i remember lots yawning and just happy).

Next day it was gone :_( iwish it would come back again

I know u did many prayers surrendering etc
I do the same. i just can't get to the same place I was this day
Is it possible that the holy spirit is like energy flowing in and out thru us with other types of energies?

Some other times when I could not move or eat anything except drink shake thru a straw i was just laying down and looking at the ceiling.

I noticed I'm barely breathing but at the same time I noticed I became in such a peaceful state like never before i felt like time stood still. i became so at peace despite the face i was very aware and conscious about things I heard around me.

I did not want to move or talk or open my eyes coz i knew it will be gone, so i lay for 3hrs and after that it was gone, back to reality pain symptoms no peace etc.

Thank you Katherine.

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Dear Mark,

I think I probably first had the experience of the Holy Spirit as a child. The wording is not important to me – you could call it angels or the Holy Spirit. Either way, the sign for me would be a Holy Shiver down my neck, like a tickle from God!

The Holy Spirit experience was to become really powerful and consistently available from about 2005 (I think).

I don't think I yawned more, or slept more when it happened first. (Given your health, sleeping more sounds like a very good thing.)

For me, the joy that passes understanding captures the feeling of the flow of the Holy Spirit more than the peace that passes understanding: it's a very energising and joyous feeling.
In 2007 I had three powerful days. I was high on the Holy Spirit. The sign then was this sense of Laughter behind everything – one big cosmic belly laugh full of Love; the kind of laughter with which I just had to join in.

I crossed a line where that experience became ever available to me, albeit in a less extreme form.

I guess the mystery is why I don't spend many hours a day resting in that joy, but it is always here.

I am all the more amazed at times when I feel embroiled in human emotion, but I check... it is still HERE and NOW whenever I am HERE and NOW!

I don't identify so much with the no negative thinking. That's fantastic.
But I did very much have a suspension of thought or attachment to how the world was, and a loss of attachment to the content of my chattering mind– I observed it at the time with amusement. Also, like yourself I had a loss of attachment to how my body was, despite the fact that I was in a lot of pain and discomfort.
Sometimes there was a suspension of the pain. At other times the sign of the experience was that although the pain was there it felt somehow irrelevant – eclipsed by the Joy.

I do relate to: “nothing matters to you and you were just lying and smiling and remembering.” Wonderful!
I believe that these moments of loss of attachment to the way things were was a big factor in my subsequent dramatic improvement in health.

Mark, the experience of the Holy Spirit will come again because it is the only real experience there is.

It is easy for us to think of connection with God as something rather haphazard– initiated by God, and therefore unpredictable.

Instead I started finding that the simple prayer:
‘Come Holy Spirit’ , along with many other spiritual quotes repeated gently and followed by sitting in silence, was enough to invite the Spirit to flow through me.

God is HERE in the eternity of NOW.
It is ourselves who have left the present moment.
God is only waiting for us.

In his book Surprised By Joy CS Lewis gives some great advice.
He had a wonderful experience of spiritual connection (interestingly at a time when he was at obsessed with Norse gods). He found that when he sought the experience, it didn't work.
But when he was in a place of devotion (albeit towards what he later saw as false gods) the experience just came.

So, my advice to you, to myself, and to all is to be devoted.

Invite the Holy Spirit, ask to be full of the Holy Spirit and don't be too focused on whether the experience comes or not.
It will come.

Mark, I know how tough it is to be at the level of health you have. You are doing a marvellous thing by inviting God to allow you to know that even in the midst of your pain and restriction, that abundance JOY and PEACE are available to you.

On behalf of all of us, you are experiencing a loss of attachment to the world and coming to know that this JOY, this PEACE, this LOVE that some of us call the Holy Spirit or God is the only reality there is.

The world is an illusion. Nothing which feels very much like something.

With celebration in your experience, and knowing that the Holy Spirit flows through you and us, always.
How could it be otherwise?

In the Spirit in which we are one,

Katherine T Owen,
Spiritual Poet and Writer

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