The Devil and I

There the devil stood

Father of the dawn
Named Beelzebub
By the Lamb of God
I could claim his form a mountain
His horns did pierce the sky
But he was merely man
He stood no more than I
I took his hand with great concern
And beheld his worldly gifts
A city akin to Sodom
Sin from end to end
Every wicked thought I've had
Was painted on its streets
With a grin he winked an eye
And offered me the key
As tempted as I was
I stood fast in my resolve
For Christ now guides this ship
Out of the devil's fog
He laid women at my feet
He set servants by my side
The sinful fruit he grows seems sweet
Until you cut inside
I turned my face and walked away
And left them in the dark
"These gifts I can't bring with me
When my soul and body part"
I saw a glimpse of anger
But quick, he caught himself
Then his grin came back to him
He said, "How bout something else?"
"I hear your mother's taken ill
And her time approaches fast
How could this God of love you love
Be as cruel as that?"
A tear rolled down my cheek
As he almost slithered in
"Fear of death is of the earth"
Was my response to him
"Earthly things, they burn away
We live, therefore we die
We stand alone on judgement day
My sins are solely mine
I only fear the second death
So Satan leave me be
In blood, you'd have me sign away
This love God offers me"
Satan shook his head and said
"Fine, serve your god of swine
But as you said, the earth it burns
And I love to spread a fire"
With that jeer he disappeared
But I know it's not the end
So with the favor of my Lord
My soul is born again

poem about the devil, Beelzebub, satan, resisting temptation

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Overcome the Devil Poem

by De-Anna

'In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.' Ephesians 6:16


The devil came to me today
to steal away my faith.
He told me of the goods he had,
he said he'd like to stay.

I listened to what he had to say,
I told him of The Word.
He rebuked me, then laughed and said
what I believe in was absurd.

He moved a little closer,
Offered freedom from life's plight,
But once again, I stood my ground -
I faced towards The Light.

Still, he went on baiting me,
he held out treasures on a hook.
But the Holy Spirit embraced my soul
and reminded me of The Book.

'Get away,' I told the devil,
'In the name of Jesus, leave.
I am not one of your soldiers,
I am one who in Christ believes.'

'Go now, satan, leave me.
You are not welcome in this place.'
And the devil turned away from me,
defeated by my faith.

tags: overcome the devil, power of faith, triumph, God, poem, spiritual, spirituality, christianity

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Faith against evil poem

by matthew carmichael
(port hope)

Faith Against Evil

Gods promise I witnessed at the start
To seek with a guarded heart
Proclaim his glory all over creation
Sing praise of worship
Holy, holy,
The Holy Spirit shall be given
To those God has chosen

You are loved within God
He shall set you apart from the world
Wisdom of discernment
Against all that is evil
Which may come in front of you
Listen to the soft voice
God speaks in the quietness of the mind

Fear nothing of the works of the enemy
Satan may lay his attacks
God will do for you
What you cannot do for yourself
Restore faith in God
For your troubles are for his glory

Note from

For students of ACIM who want to understand this poem, please substitute the word ‘ego’ for ‘Satan’ and ‘evil’.

Evil has become such a loaded word for many of us that to apply it to ourselves would feel unloving.

This sets up the temptation to see evil as being only outside of ourselves which creates a sense of separation from our brothers and sisters and makes it less likely that we invite God into our own hearts and minds to allow Him to change us.

As the poem says, whether inside or out “Fear nothing”. I would include in that: Fear not your fear.

“God will do for you what you cannot do for yourself” Amen to that.

With the Faith that grows in 'the quietness of the mind',


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