Poem about Jesus in the garden of Gethsemene

by Susan Ketchum
(Johnstown, Pa, USA)

The village of Hambleden, England, Church of St Mary the Virgin

The village of Hambleden, England, Church of St Mary the Virgin

Garden of Hope and Love


I look upon the entrance to the Garden of Hope and Love.
I wonder what Jesus is thinking, hearing nothing from above.

Where are you, the one that he calls Abba? Do you not hear him cry?
I listen from a distance, “Could this all have been a lie?”

He told us that he was here for us… he was coming for our salvation.
Why God have you deserted him? … he is suffering condemnation.

The tears are falling from his eyes, with blood and sweat they run.
He needs you to hear him Dear Father, won’t you come and help your son?

He is begging you to show your will, to answer his cries and comfort him.
His slate is clean, he has no guilt…. It is for us he will bare this sin.

He is taking these wounds upon his soul, his human heart is breaking.
He is doing this because he loves you, it’s our sacrifice he is undertaking.

Jesus pulls himself up from the ground to look at his apostles sleeping.
Not even they could bare his pain, they can’t stand to see him weeping.

He returns to the Garden to lie back on the ground.
He looks all about him, but there’s no one to be found.

I want to try to relieve his pain, to ease his suffering.
I am not supposed to even be here, yet he needs some sort of mothering.

I make my way to meet with him, I approach with hesitation.
He stands up from the ground and says “I was praying with determination”.

I prayed to my dear Father that you would come out from behind the gate.
I need you to understand that it is time to let go of the hate.

The ones who have betrayed you, the ones that were suppose to protect.
They knew not what they were doing… it is their SINS you should reject.

I want you to know that I was with you every single step of the way.
Even when you thought I wasn’t…. It was I who asked you to pray.

You see I love you dearly, you will always be deep in my heart.
That is why I asked you to come here… I need you to never depart.

To cherish the love you have always had, and share it with those around.
It’s a rare and special kind of love, you can’t bury it under ground.

Love, it grows more completely when you share it with all you see.
Then my child you will know what it’s like to be in love with me.

So come in closer and embrace me… my time has almost come.
I can’t leave until I hold you, then my work in this garden will be done.

So I leaned on in and I held him, his embrace was alive yet surreal.
This was a feeling I had never felt, and no one could ever steal.

He said “I have to go now” they will soon be here to arrest me.
But don’t be sad or lonely… remember our Father made that tree.

The one that I will hang from, it’s not so bad you will see.
For I know I will not be alone, our Father will hang there with me.

In a few days I promise to return… to walk with you once again.
Know in your heart it is the start of a life that truly can never end.

I am trusting that you will continue to pray….to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Pray also through our Dear Blessed Mother….. and know that I will hear it.

So long, for now, my hour has come, to be betrayed and crucified.
Take this as a lesson learned, it is in our Father’s will we should abide.

I watched him walk out of the gate to the men that were going to take him.
His head was held up high, there was no stress upon his chin.

He was brave, he was unshaken, he was as majestic as you would anticipate.
He turned around and whispered, “remember my love will never dissipate.”

I dropped down upon my knees on the ground where he once laid,
I cried up to the Heavens, “Dear Father, our debts will soon be paid”

Move to a poem about the Crucifixion which includes
Jesus in the garden of Gethsemene.

tags: poem about Jesus, garden of Gethsemene, God, spirituality, Christian poetry

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