Poem about life is hard

by Dinu Dixon
(Naperville, IL)

Life as We Know it

Life can take its toll on you
It can make you breathless
It can cause you pain inside and out
It can backstab you
It can cause bruises
It can break your heart

Life can take its toll on you
A seed crushed by thorns
Or stuck between the rocks
Life can hurt, it can make you want to end it.

Life can take its toll on you
Where is the hope?
Where is the light?
To where and to whom can you run?

But life is a journey and you hold the key
There is a hope... there is a way
Life can only come from the Creator who gave you life
The way, the truth and the life is Jesus

When you hand over your life to the Great I Am
Life will have a purpose
Life will be worth fighting for
Life will never give up
Life will always be victorious

I no longer live but Christ Lives in me!
You were given this life
Because his strength makes you strong enough to live it.
Hand over your life to the one who can handle it for you
So that Life can never ever take its toll on you!

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Spiritual poem of despair

by Yolanda Hall

Finding Wholeness in Christ

Tears run down my face,
over and over again.
Speechless, I don't have the words to say,
my heart has been broken in each and every way.

Where is the glue to pull my heart together again?
Where is the love I felt, that came from so called men?
I'm lost– I don't know in which direction to turn.
I am trying to find direction within,
searching for a map to find the right path again.

Exploring the loss of all I had,
I have a bitter heart but I can't be mad.
I got myself in this rut.
I have to find a way to get unstuck.
I need to mend the things in my life that have ripped apart.
Seeking Christ first is a start.

Help me Lord I need you to rescue me.
Allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in me.
Peace surpass all understanding for me.
Through Christ my heart is together because purification saves me!

tags: spiritual poem of despair, hope, Christ, purification, rescue me, spirituality

Note from Katherine Owen: awaiting the poet's approval of edits.

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