I need you God

by valorie lee
(newark, delaware)

A letter to God

I need healing in my mind,

I need someone to love me,

I need a new relationship with my family,

I need acceptance from you regarding my choices,

I need forgiveness for my sins,

I need to provide for, and protect those who rely on me,

I need to hear from you each day,

I need to feel free from depression,

I need to laugh and be happy,

I need a financial blessing for me,

I need more friends in my life,

I need to hear from you more,

I need a healing for the world,

I need closure and understanding.

Thank you God


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Oct 19, 2015
A prayer for all of our needs
by: Anonymous

Amen Amen Amen, you must have heard me praying last night

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Relationship Prayer

by Jilian

Dear Brother/Sister,
Kindly pray for my husband that GOD may deliver him from the Devil’s bandage (affair) after 16 years of our marriage life.

He has never loved me but given only pain & sorrow throughout these years. I have one kid.

I have hide my identity. He do not touch me as a wife (forsaken me as wife) living under one roof since one year.

Kindly pray that GOD may open his blind eyes & show the reality of life & change his heart & fill with plenty of love & affection for me as a wife.

Always I pray to GOD with tears.
GOD is so kind & loving.
GOD will definitely answer our prayers.

In Christ

Note from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Dear Jilian,

Thank you for your relationship prayer request.

I stop and say a prayer for your husband.
I see him bathed in a revelation of God’s love – the love that directs us in all we do.

I see you bathed in the same and say the following prayer for guidance in relationships for you and for myself.

Dear God,
Please speak peace to our hearts.
Guide us wisely in our words and our actions.
Right now I bring to mind someone I would like to behave differently.
From them I feel a need for ___________
(love, recognition, appreciation, listening)

Dear God, I allow you to meet this need.
I allow you to love me.
I allow you to recognise me.
I allow you to appreciate me.
I allow you to listen to me.
You are my rock and I am willing to believe that you can bring me peace.

Help me to see this person as your beautiful child.
Help me to see myself as your beautiful child.

What would you have me say?
What would you have me do?
Be my vision and guide me in all things.
Thank you God.

Jilian, it is so wonderful that you know the kindness of God in the middle of a difficult situation.

God Bless you and shine his face upon you,


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Prayer Requests - prayer of agreement for healing

by Jerome David Pierce

07/06/2011 I'd like prayer of agreement to heal my internal organs of colon cancer or any prostate cancer in my body.

This morning blood came out of my body when I'd used the restroom so I'm believing & standing on God’s words by Faith in Isaiah Chapter 53 verses 3,4,5,

I am totally healed by Jesus Stripes on the cross.

Thanks for standing with me on this prayer requests.

Brother in Christ,
Jerome David Pierce

Reply from webmaster of a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com, Katherine T Owen

Dear Jerome,
Thank you for reaching out in faith and knowing the power of minds joined in prayer of agreement.

I lift you up in faith now, knowing that you are God’s beloved child in whom he is well pleased.

As you say, you are healed.

Dear God,
We know that you did not create sickness and so we do not accept it as inevitable.
We praise you – knowing that you are bigger than any problem.
We thank you for the healing of Jerome.

Thank you, God.

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Apr 14, 2012
miracle cures healings
by: Anonymous

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Jul 08, 2011
Photo for Prayer Visualisation For Health
by: Keith

Dear Jerome,

Is it possible for you to post a photograph of yourself here for visualisation exercises please?

Thank you. Keep the faith.


Jul 07, 2011
Prayer for Health
by: Keith

Dear God,
Radiant source of love and life, we ask for an instant miracle healing of our brother Jerome.

Allow us all the power in your name to strip away the chains holding Jerome back from his actual natural state of perfect health.

Allow Jerome to feel your power flowing through him, as it always has done, restoring his memory of you and all that he is.

Bless him with love, faith, and the knowledge that his brothers and sisters are one with him always.

Thank you lord

Jul 07, 2011
Prayer for healing
by: Robert

Eternal Father God in whom we live,move and have our being, let the Christ light and love surround this your son, jerome David Pearce.

Beloved Mother Mary and Beloved Archangel Lord Raphael let your vast healing energy stream forth to surround and permeate
every cell, every atom, the blood stream of Jerome
David Pearce and bring about NOW a healing.

So be it.


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