Spirituality and Interconnection

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

Ubuntu ngmuntu abantu

Here in South Africa the local black Africans have a wonderful humanitarian saying in their own language:-
"Ubuntu ngmuntu abantu". This translates as; "I am who I am because of/through other people, or, 'humanity to others'.

It was and is , particularly among the elders, a recognition of their intrinsic kinship,not only with their families,but also with all other peoples, a recognition of their same humanity,that the pain and suffering of others is also theirs in some mysterious way, as is their joy,happiness and bounty,for all are created and maintained in life by 'Nkulunkulu', the heavenly creator, their great ancestor.

A person with Ubuntu does not feel threatened that others are able and good,for he or she has a proper self assurance that comes from knowing that he/she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated,diminished or oppressed. The term also relates to the fact one cannot exist as a human in isolation;everyone and everything is interconnected.

It is also well known amongst them that one who recognises and lives Ubuntu, is known for his/her generosity.

Unfortunately, and sadly, the youth generally today are influenced hugely by Western society materialistic 'values'and regard with scorn what they term the outdated attitudes of their elders.

This also seems to apply to other countries and cultures. I can remember doing the same as a flighty youth, being so irreverent of the 'old and outmoded' attitudes of my parents and all other elderly folk.

During the era of British colonialism in Africa the British unfortunately endeavored to crush this attitude in their oppression of the local peoples and in their efforts to expand the British economy and trade. However, so resilient and deep seated was Ubuntu that it remained more or less intact. Of course, everything of enduring spiritual value cannot be truly eradicated. That which is of God,which reflects Christly values and/or ideals cannot be touched or brought down by evil.

It is also so very sad that the South African Government has been, since its inception in 1994, so irreverent of Ubuntu, been so attracted to the allures of wealth and status and unending corruption which plagues them. Certainly there are a few members of Government who remain true to the values of dignity and honesty and are not out to make a fortune; they serve the public because they wish to do so and with integrity.

Hopefully the future will reflect more of the truths of Ubuntu. There is no reason to doubt that this will not be the case since there is already a great movement of spirituality afoot sweeping the world.

Reply from a-spiritual-journey-of-healing.com

Dear Robert, Thank you.
Reminds me of the words of a favourite hymn:

“None can see God above.
All have here man to love.
Thus may we Godward move,
finding him in others
holding all men brothers.”

Composer: Unknown published in Pies Cantiones (1582)
Lyricist: Percy Dearmer (1867 - 1936)

Thank you for the reminder of our interconnection.
We are God's people. We are one.

God holds us in his Love,

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Spiritual Nature of Reality

by Barbara
(Prescott Valley, Arizona)

I woke up this morning and the first moment I experienced was the sound of violin, it was the part of 9th Beethoven Symphony, and for a very brief moment.

At the same time I saw my older brother in my mind (he lives a far away), and he got very touched at the sound of this violin, he heard it too.

And as he was touched by that sound, he started acting upon it, like a leaf that is blown by the wind.

Suddenly, I saw the duality in this image, and I understood it.

I saw the dimension of the mind as if all that we do was within some cloud, and what was beneath that cloud was That which we all have and still long for.

I perceived That as at the deeper level.

I saw it and I would like to retain it. But it's the morning, I have to go to work, then I have so many things to do, and I think this feeling will fade off as the other feelings of this kind I had.

I know this is probably totally off topic here but I wanted to share it with someone who would understand..

Note from Katherine T Owen

The spirituality forum is for sharing your spiritual journey and insights. So it is not off topic at all :-).

I love that you ‘experienced’ the sound of the violin, rather than just ‘heard’ it.

I pray that our sense of 'That' intrudes upon our every day activities more and more, and we rest in reality throughout the day.

With the Love we are,

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