The Keys To Inner Liberation

by Robert Gresak
(South Africa)

The other day I happened to be watching a TV documentary on prison life and as I watched scenes of rehabilitation programmes and the various corridors of cells, I thought what an incredible parallel this was with human life and how we so often get "locked in", imprisoned within our own fears, negativities and other emotional clutter. We lock ourselves in and throw away the key and are not even aware of it.

We forget, with the pressures and stresses of physical life today that we can recover the keys to inner liberation and that we walk continuously with the Master key holder.

We are just not aware of this. We simply have to keep, in the forefront of our consciousness, this great truth.

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God is my Home

by Norma
(Whitley Bay)

Dear Katherine, seven years ago I took my grandchildren to Edinburgh zoo. I saw a lovely plaque on the wall with a picture of Ayers Rock, the rock was red with a lovely sunset behind it and a man-made wall in front of it.
The words written on the wall so agreed with my own beliefs that I took a photograph of it and it has hung in my bathroom ever since then. the words are below.

We are all VISITORS to this time, THIS PLACE.
We are all just passing through.
Our purpose here is to observe, to learn.
to GROW, to LOVE.........
and then we return home.

Even though a lot of us already know this, it's nice to see these reminders around us, in quite unexpected places. I thought you might enjoy it.

Note from Katherine
I do enjoy it.
Thank you Norma
ACIM talks rather beautifully about making a journey without distance to a place we have never left.
Our home is in God. And thank God we cannot change that!
God Bless you.

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Hide and seek

by David King
(Salisbury, UK)

A game of hide and seek with God.

Who seeks?

Who hides?

Note from webmaster of, Katherine T Owen

Thank you David.

The simple questions seem to allow access to the experience of Love which is always here.

There is nothing to seek.

God is not an answer away. :-)

With Love,

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Reflecting God's Glory

by Shaun
(Swindon, the South West, UK)

It is within the company and presence of like-minds, minds set on reflecting God's glory and opening up a path toward Him that we draw our ultimate strength, peace and harmony within our personal creation experience.

Expose your innermost thoughts to open up the possibility of re-creation, let Joy in,
Let light shine, let love rule your decisions; regaining your pure self, radiant within God's love for you

Wishes x

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