An Invitation to the Holy Spirit

by Shaun Butler

Once the Christian believer is in a state of blessedness or grace, can we provide the spark or 'invitation' to the Holy Spirit whether in prayers, meditation or call/ supplication on behalf of a willing recipient for good outcomes?

Maybe not necessarily expected results would happen but do you think we could access within a transforming loving intent towards the souls of Christ for good.
In this 'energizing' role we have a participation in the reforming power of Love proceeding. This shapes identity and acceptance while allowing our 'selves' to be content (at peace) and to connect with God's revealing Will

PS The 'Release' is such a remarkable tool for forgiveness and salvation Katherine.

In Love and Prayers, God bless you...


Note from

Dear Shaun,
I believe that the more we let the Holy Spirit work in us the more we are inevitably a blessing to those with whom we come into contact, whether through physical contact or through our thoughts. So the answer to your question from me is a big YES.

I will refer to some other pages on in case they are of interest.

The Holy Spirit prayer invites the Holy Spirit to “kindle in us the fire of your love” so that through us He/She can renew the face of the earth.

When we pray the Our Father prayer we pray “Thy will be done”, that includes God’s will being shown in the way we touch the lives of others.

You mentioned that the recipient is “willing”. There is also the potential therefore for the power of joined minds, the prayer of agreement. If this is someone who wants the Holy Spirit to work in them, then perhaps you could share the Holy Spirit Prayer with them. If they are in a time of distress, you might want to agree a time when you both say it together even if you are in different locations.
You can insert the person’s name into the prayer, and say “fill x’s heart with the fire of your love”.
It was an evangelical church which taught me the power of inviting the Holy Spirit into our lives and hearts. I will be ever grateful. I don’t think this is emphasized enough in church teaching.

A Course In Miracles has some lovely quotations about how when we allow God to decide for us the impact ripples out to heal many. I can’t find the quote I am thinking of, but the paragraph below on transforming relationships applies just as much if you are in a relationship of wanting to help someone through intercessory prayer.

“It is no dream to love your brother as yourself... It will become the happy dream through which he Holy Spirit can spread joy to thousands on thousands who believe that love is fear, not happiness. ....” (T-18.V.6, A Course In Miracles)

I like what you say about “not necessarily expected results” and connecting with “God’s will”. When we pray we know it is answered, but we can trust God and hold lightly the form the answer takes.

Setting Intention

As for your question as to whether we can access the “transforming loving intent” it sounds to me like you already have this in abundance.
The setting of intention is something that we do ourselves, which then provides space for the Holy Spirit to work through us. I think setting our intention is so important.
My ability to hear God’s voice is far from perfect, but I set my intention at the beginning of each day for God to work in me and through me. This allows me to enter into God’s rest in situations where on a human level I don’t know what to do, to trust that I will be of some service and that God will correct and teach me through any mistakes I made.

I am so pleased that the exercises on releasing judgement (the free ebook The Release is available on the site) are serving you. These simple exercises enable me to find gifts and spiritual guidance in the most unlikely of life’s difficulties.

God bless you Shaun. Make God always speak to you and through you.


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