The EFT Tapping Technique
Self Healing for Emotional and
Physical Pain

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The Power Of Joined Minds And Of Being Accepted

Although EFT is a self healing technique, if you have the finances to do so, you might want to find an EFT practitioner.

Alternatively, use an EFT DVD to join with a practitioner or EFT expert as they talk you through tapping on a particular emotional issue or physical illness.

Why find an EFT practitioner?

1. A practitioner who believes in your beauty and courage communicates this knowledge to you both in their words and their silence. In my experience, EFT practitioners often seem to be unusually compassionate.

2. There is the power of joined minds: the same principle which lies behind the power of the prayer of agreement.

3. There is power in doing EFT with someone who has experience that it works.
Please note that no belief in this tapping technique is required for it to work. But due to the placebo effect the healing you experience is likely to increase the more you trust in the EFT process.

The benefit of doing EFT with another can also be experienced by tapping along to EFT on DVD or EFT on CD. 

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The Tapping Solution

What Are The Origins of The EFT technique?

EFT was first called Thought Field Therapy. It was founded by an American psychologist, Dr Roger Callahan in the early 1980s. It was further developed as EFT by Gary Graig.

Click for a page for a recommended site from which to buy EFT on DVD or to sign up for future free eft teleseminars.

About The Organisation, Tapping Solutions

I love this organisation. They deliver compassionate, powerful, much needed content. They give a great deal of information for free during the tapping world summit each year. They then make it available in case you want to buy EFT on DVD.

I have a tapping DVD that I listen to frequently.

Check out the Tapping Solutions home page for a free eft tapping ebook or to buy EFT on DVD

Click to sign up for any free EFT videos in the future.

If you are living with pain or illness, I celebrate the courage that takes.

Whether through using EFT, any other medicine or technique, or simply through your body's powerful ability to heal, I wish you a better day tomorrow than today,

With the Love we are, Katherine


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