Poem do not judge by appearances

by Chelci Biggs
(Silsbee tx united states)


Before my accident, a few years back,
I was beautiful, even placed in pageants.
Now I hide my scars upon my face
With makeup. My mask, worn every day.
I ask out loud ‘God, why did this happen to me?
I used to be so happy.’
I am looking in the mirror, in the rest room at school.
I hear a voice from the handicap stall.
A woman wheels out, she has no legs.
Demands I listen, to each word she says.
‘Beauty is something that's from the heart.
Not from exterior appearance at all.
I may not be able to walk,
But I still stand, proudly and tall.
On judgement day, he will know
Whose heart was truly made of gold.
In the end, we are all equal at last,
You don't need makeup, or a mask.
Your scars tell a story about where you’ve been.
It's your choice to keep on traveling.
God gives battles to his strongest soldiers.
I'll see you at the victory line, remember what I've told you.’

(c) Chelci Biggs
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tags: poem, do not judge by appearances, motivation to keep going after accident, motivational story, beauty, overcoming adversity, physical appearance, scars from an accident, beautiful on the inside,

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Feeling and Releasing Emotions Poem

by Mr. Terry A. Shuman
(Medina, Ohio, U.S.A.)

Feel your feelings

Feel your feelings

Our Tears

For anyone who may shed more tears than they think is healthy.

An infant soul emerges; so vulnerable and blind,
God’s most recent evidence that He still loves mankind.
His piercing cry then slices through the quiet room. Relieved,
A new Madonna weeps with him; tears joyously conceived.

A tearful introduction to a lifetime tale untold.
Subliminally distorted; yet, much clearer when he’s old.
As he matures, he’ll shed his tears along bimodal lines,
With levels of testosterone earmarked as “causal” signs.

In childhood, crying’s simplified; categorically, finite:
Disappointment, fear, and pain elicit tears forthright.
But as he grows into his teens, he’s taught that crying’s weak;
That only kids and women cry, defining them as “meek.”

Controlling tears becomes a war that each young man must win
As he assumes his gender role of what has always been.
So forty years may pass before a lifetime tragedy
Occurs with ample magnitude to bring him to his knees.

And with this human act there comes acceptance that his tears
Provided spirit cleansing that was missing all those years.
From this eventful moment on, his tears will fall like rain
That seeks revenge for negligence and being bound in chains.

An old man now, there seems to be a never ending list
Of those conditioned stimuli that cause his eyes to mist:
The simple introduction of a flashing word or face
Can cause his tear ducts to respond like they were doused with Mace.

“Mother,” “father,” “family,” “brother,” “sister,” “daughter,” “son,”
Weddings, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, illness striking, battles won.
Courage, brav’ry, waving flags, loss of life in any form,
Ohio’s seasons’ majesty, hearth side fires that keep you warm.

Babies, rainbows, Christmas day, the feeling that we get
Each time we’re told that we are loved, (yes, even by a pet)!
How fragile are the ties that bind our feelings with our years.
How glorious, our marble stone, when sculpted by our tears.

The Release – self acceptance and inner peace is a free forgiveness ebook available on this site. These forgiveness exercises helped and continue to help me feel and release emotions.

The EFT technique (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help us move forward in allowing ourselves to feel feelings.

Tags: feeling, releasing, emotions, poems, men, man, male feelings

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Motivational Spiritual Poem

(New ORleans La USA)


A Spiritual Motivational Poem

It's so hard to climb a mountain
Most men never try:
Seems like such a long distance
from the ground to the sky.

Of the few who attempt to get to the top
The journey begins very young
Hoping to reach their peak very fast
Many a rung their feet have to pass

Climbing and reaching with joy and with pain
Inch by inch they begin to gain
As they constantly throw their pick at the wall
They have to make sure they are not going to fall

After awhile they get on a high
And finally start approaching the sky
Then out juts a rock, something gets in their way
The climber must stop and rest for a day

Next morning this man looks up to the sky
From behind a grey cloud peeps the sun
And somehow he knows from the depths of his soul
That his journey has just begun.

So he stands up tall, plants his feet on the ground
Starts step by step to ascend
With a quiet smile, and a glint in his eye
Sets out once again to reach for the sky.

Move from Motivational Spiritual Poem to an article on I Choose Life

Tags: motivational, spiritual, mountain, difficult, journey, poetry

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