Searching Finding Self Poem

by Norma Tyler
(Whitley Bay Tyne & Wear England)


Lost, little faraway child,
in your dark world of sorrow and pain,
searching for love and a true friend
as you cry time again and again.
Saddened eyes become bleak from searching,
for the source of comfort you seek.
Outwardly you search for the one who'll bring strengths
in the places where you feel most weak.

TURN AROUND little faraway child,
the wise one you seek dwells within.
Do not look to others - for others search too,
it's yourself you must conquer and win.
For the 'self' is the true source of comfort
and none has the wisdom that's yours.
And the strengths that you find stay with you,
as you follow life's bumpy course.


tags: self, comfort, motivational, seek, search, god within

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Motivational Spiritual Poem

(New ORleans La USA)


A Spiritual Motivational Poem

It's so hard to climb a mountain
Most men never try:
Seems like such a long distance
from the ground to the sky.

Of the few who attempt to get to the top
The journey begins very young
Hoping to reach their peak very fast
Many a rung their feet have to pass

Climbing and reaching with joy and with pain
Inch by inch they begin to gain
As they constantly throw their pick at the wall
They have to make sure they are not going to fall

After awhile they get on a high
And finally start approaching the sky
Then out juts a rock, something gets in their way
The climber must stop and rest for a day

Next morning this man looks up to the sky
From behind a grey cloud peeps the sun
And somehow he knows from the depths of his soul
That his journey has just begun.

So he stands up tall, plants his feet on the ground
Starts step by step to ascend
With a quiet smile, and a glint in his eye
Sets out once again to reach for the sky.

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Tags: motivational, spiritual, mountain, difficult, journey, poetry

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Mar 12, 2012
Spiritual Experience Shared
by: Katherine T Owen

May I say what a privilege it is to run a site where people share their spiritual experience with such beauty, humility and openess.

We do not walk alone.

And...the view!...the view!...
Our bodies may be tired from the climb, yet how can we keep from singing.

Mar 12, 2012
Spiritual Mountains
by: Robert Gresak

I can truly resonate with this lovely poem. How often indeed do we fall from the ascending path, pick ourselves up and proceed with renewed determination.
As a lover of nature and particularly the high mountains many of which I had climbed in my younger days I know all too well the allure, the 'magick' and the spiritual presence emanating from them.

Mar 11, 2012
Grab my hand
by: geostorm

Can liken to this, just about sums up my journey, i could also add a few falls on the way,and moving to a fresh start, but as a novice i am glad i am being pulled up.... by the master climber!

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Poem of Spiritual Encouragement, Depression

by Maxine Whitfield
(San Diego, Ca)

A Spiritually Healing Story

If you are down depressed and blue

Realize it’s okay and that it’s meant for you

Cry as much as you need

With the realization that if you let it flow out

You will have space inside for love, no doubt!

We are releasing old emotions from our past

Not just this life but our last

So how do you do this you ask?

It’s so simple so try this and see

How this little exercise will spiritually heal thee

Just take deep breaths, 3 to be exact

This will center yourself and help you relax

Keep your spine straight with hands open to receive

Tell yourself over and over “I love myself” as often as you need

When you feel the peace deep within

Then ask your Angels to help you release

It will amaze you how instantly you heal

From the emotions, depression, it’s so unreal!

It’s all you have to do to feel the love

Your days will be wonderful cause you will feel the love energy from above

Do this every day as much as you need

Remember it took years for you to be

It’s healing, it’s refreshing, it’s your time of need

When you love yourself the Law of Attraction will be

Love, abundance and energy

It’s because of your shift that you make it happen

Take time for yourself in nature, flowers, birds and sea

Feel the love it’s in front of your face

This is how it was always meant to be

But just begin to make the changes by spending time alone

By practicing forgiveness and being in the love energy zone

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Tags: emotional release, depression, angels, healing, strength, forgiveness, law of attraction, spirituality, poetry

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Motivational Poem For Carrying The Beauty With You

by Florian Hall
(Ohio, USA)


Spring has finally arrived
I know it's here.
Daffodils and forsythia bloom,
The sun kisses me softly.
My garden can be anywhere
Sitting in a lawn chair
Midst the cracked asphalt of the driveway,
Under the tree of heaven
Drinking in the warmth
Of the brim filled cup.
My garden holds the seeds planted
In my heart, soul and mind
Where spring blooms.
A sanctuary to meditate
And encounter spiritual overtures,
First hand experience
Keeping alive precious moments
With precious cargo,
My garden flourishes,
Captured in between self and universe,
Relaxing and consoling.

Floriana Hall

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May 15, 2011
Your Garden Is A Gift
by: Terry Shuman

Floriana, Over the past two years, I have heard you read many of your poems, but I don't recall this particular one. It is beautiful in its simplicity, commonality, imagery, and power. "Between self and the universe" certainly underscores each of our own abilities to catch glimpses of what God has in store for us when we continue our lives made perfect by death. Such beauty stimulates, reassures, and inspires. My life has been enriched through yours. May your garden be lush and pacifying now and forever.

Best Wishes,

Feb 26, 2011
God Grows In Us And Through Us
by: Katherine T Owen

Dear Floriana,
Your poem motivates us by helping us to find the beauty wherever we are.
I love that you have included the cracked asphalt of the driveway.
As ACIM says, ?God is in everything we see.?

We are the garden. God grows in us. ?My garden can be anywhere.?
Fantastic. I read your words and feel the warmth of the sun/the Son.

With the Love we are,

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