The Seven Stages of Grief:
Anger over illness

Continues from The Seven Stages of Grief - Stage 1: Denial.

Contents for this Article on Coping with Anger About Illness:

  • Illness and anger
  • It's OK to feel angry
  • Am I allowed to feel angry?

The Seven Stages of Acceptance and Grief: Stage 2

Illness and Anger

You can feel anger over illness:

You may feel anger about any of the losses that can accompany illness, such as the loss of a relationship or the loss of your self image.
“I don't deserve this.”
“But I have worked so hard only to lose everything.”

You may feel anger that you do not receive understanding.
“Why don't they understand I am ill? ”
“Don't they know how ill I feel? ”
“Don't they know how hard I try? ”

You may feel anger that you can't get treatment for the illness.
“Why can't I get the treatment I need? ”

“I can't get the help I need to rest and recover.“

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It’s OK To Feel Angry

Many of us tend to think of anger as not OK. But anger can be a useful step forward in the seven stages of grief. We move from the numbness of denial to a willingness to fight.

A sense of injustice can make us determined not to give in:
We are not going to let this or them beat us. We are going to keep fighting.

I have heard it said:
“If you feel pain, you know you are still alive.”

If you are angry, you are feeling pain.
Well done. You are still alive.

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Am I Allowed To Feel Angry?

If you feel angry, right now, give yourself some space on your own and allow yourself to feel it.

Allowing anger doesn't mean that you will necessarily tell someone that you feel angry with them.

It is a private commitment to be a friend to yourself who says:

“With me, it is OK to feel angry.
I love you when you feel angry.
I love you when you feel calm.
I love you however you feel.”

Anger illness

But is it wrong to feel angry about this?

Feeling anger does not involve making a judgement about whether you are right or wrong about what you feel angry about.

When you are trying to work out if you are wrong or right, your mind can get busy and unhappy.

Take the first step of accepting your anger.

Let yourself feel it.

Find a safe and private place and feel this anger.

Let it be.

Let it pass.

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