Is Illness a Punishment?

by Mark K

Katherine, I still have some energy to ask you something since i got ill bother me

I'm well aware of acim and pls help me understand maybe will help my unconcious guilt.

If this earthly life is a dream and we all dreaming so it means our roles in a dream were already predestined and set, why bible talks so much about punishments us etc...that makes me feel more guilty and scares me more thinking well i am in this illness now can't walk lots pain etc what if i dont get well and not receive holy spirit....etc

I know this could be ego ideas right? Trying to feel fear guilt etc

Love mark

Is illness a punishment?
Note from

Dear Mark,
It's fantastic that you are looking at letting go of unconscious guilt.
You're right. If you simply read the Bible as is, it is easy to take in the idea of punishment.
I think it's so important to ask the Holy Spirit to help us receive the Bible in the spirit of the law not by the letter of the law.

A Course In Miracles is very good at keeping it simple. This sounds like a contradiction since it is a long book and quite heavy reading. But it can really be summarised by the following.

“I am as God created me.”
A Course In Miracles says that if we understood this one lesson there would be no need to read the rest of the book!

Please go and read my poem : 'I am beautiful' which for me summarises the message of A Course In Miracles.

As I received the message of God’s unconditional love more and more through A Course In Miracles, and through applying spiritual practice to my life, particularly the forgiveness exercise of the release, I also became able to receive this message through reading the Bible.

When Jesus is baptised in the River Jordan and a voice is heard saying:
"This is my son in whom I am well pleased."
I believe this is a message that is received by all of us in the moment of our experience of baptism by the Holy Spirit.

Dear Mark, you are God's son in whom he is well pleased.

The greatest gift that you can offer the world in a time of illness, is to reject the idea that illness is a punishment.

You might know and want to be reminded of the Bible story of Hezekiah, who was told he was going to die, and chose to believe that he was worthy of life. As a result of claiming his worth, he did not die.

Likewise Job in the Bible chose to believe that he had done nothing wrong though his friend’s suggested that he must have done something wrong to be so ill and have such a hard time.

Mark, God loves you.
All of us who have been blessed by resting profoundly in God's love, in that moment know that God loves everybody.
The only question is: Will we practice receiving God’s love?

With the Love we are, and will always be,

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